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25 year medalI try to provide auto repair help when I can. Before taking my current job I would make my rounds to some of the most popular automotive forums trying to help people with their auto repair questions.

I noticed a disturbing trend at these help forums. Some of the suggestions made me cringe. In fact, sometimes the recommendations seemed spiteful or designed to do harm. The internet isn’t always the friendliest of places.

A lot of people dispensing advice might mean well, but in some cases the advice was very poor and even dangerous. It was also very hard for the person who posted the question to pick out a quality answer from the 30 or 40 responses from all walks of life.

Even though I have 30 years verifiable experience my tips were often ignored or disrespected by forum participants. I found and joined an automotive questions and answers forum that is quite different.

Who Answers these Automotive Questions

PDF auto service manuals

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Both the people answering and submitting auto repair help questions are very serious about the level of quality. The just answer website pools automobile industry professionals and divides them into categories to answer questions for visitors.

The service does cost a few dollars but you only pay if you receive a helpful answer. When I say a few dollars I’m not kidding. You can donate as little as ten dollars to the qualified tested professional that provided the researched answer.

I challenge you to find a better place for car repair help. Some guys specialize not only in specific make and models but often know about you’re particular problem. This is the only place I’ve seen where you can actually talk to a Certified GM Technician about you’re Chevrolet.

Get Your Own Factory Repair Manual

Active dealership technicians have access to factory diagnostic and repair information from a list of manufacturer supported vehicles. Now you can access the same professional service and repair information used by over 25,000 repair professionals.

Just Answer Auto Repair Help Forum

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The only way to truly find out what a great automobile repair forum this is would be to visit their website and see for yourself. You can type your car question into an easy to use box or click on the link on the top of the box to go and see what this website is all about.

Registration is free and you can browse through answered questions to get an idea and samples of the kind of quality this online car repair forum offers for do it yourself mechanics and auto repair consumers that need help.

For me this website venture is somewhat of a hobby at this point. I have recently put up a contact box so I can get some feedback about what subjects to cover in the future. If you ask a car repair question in this box be aware it may take a long time for me to respond. I wish things where different, but I have limited time to spend on the site right now. Update: Due to circumstances beyond my control the contact form has been temporarily removed.

Online Car Repair Help

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Here you will find car repair help you can count on. My name is Mark. I’m a certified master auto technician. Thanks to the Internet, driveway mechanics can now get the help they need fast.

Personally helping everybody with car repairs isn’t possible while turning wrenches 6 days a week and taking care of an 80 year old. This page is about a reliable place to ask auto repair questions.

Visit and type your car question into the box. It will accept your submitted car questions and take you to the Just Answer specialized automotive forum. Form
Mechanics on this site are rewarded with positive feedback points for providing high quality responses. This type of quality rating system makes the talented people easier to find.

Technicians will provide answers in a language that you can understand and take real actions with. Your success is import to the technician as we mechanics can be very competitive with each-other. To me and other professionals on the site the ratings can be more important then the pay itself.

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Note: After you hit the “Get an Answer” button you will get further instructions and 1 more shot at editing your question before final submission. You can enter your vehicle specific auto repair question in the box above now.

However you can also read the rest of this page to see why I recommend this automotive organization and why I am a part of it. Share or bookmark this auto repair questions page. Come back for car repair help. There are three different ways to gain knowledge on this page alone.