Find DIY Check Engine Light Fixes

We put together this check engine light page as a helpful resource for car problems related to this troublesome light.

Code P0130 diagnosis from fix assist

You can scroll to the bottom for code specific articles, or read your way down there and learn more about the subject. If your ride has some age on it, discover how often computers fail on cars 10 years or older.

First, a brief rundown of why they install these warning lamps. And how it’s turned on by the on-board computer.

The light will either say check engine or on some models service engine soon. We call it a federally mandated emission system malfunction warning device. It’s directly related to the clean air act and reducing pollution in our world. It comes on to notify drivers that they might be polluting the atmosphere.

States like California take the clean air act real serious. Vehicles registered there must pass a smog test. This samples the exhaust stream and tests the check engine light verifying no present or pending set codes. Other states like Florida have no testing.

When the Engine Light Comes On

Mark the Mechanic

What makes the warning light come on in the first place? As a certified auto mechanic with a state emission testing endorsement this is a question I hear often.

Unfortunately, the light can pop on for thousands of reasons. To sum it up for you, the vehicle’s computer is monitoring engine data across hundreds of different channels and sensors, both input and output.

The computer compares this incoming and outgoing data to a parameter with a high and low specification. If the incoming data on a specific channel remains above or below the parameter in the computer, they turn on the warning lamp.

When this happens a code sets in memory that relates to the failure. On vehicles built after 1996 the computer system has been standardized and is called OBD II (On Board Diagnostics).

When we set a diagnostic code the service engine light will remain on until the code is cleared. Even if the malfunction was an intermittent problem the light stays on.

Obviously I can’t fit on this page all of the reasons the failure indicator may come on.

Solving Check Engine Light Problems

Just a little further down on this page, I will continue to post articles about this subject that may help you in this diagnostic situation. I can tell you the problem could be as simple as a lack of automobile maintenance or even an intermittent glitch.

The latter may not need attention until the failure worsens. It could also go in the other direction, where there’s a serious problem such as a vacuum leak that could cause engine damage, if not diagnosed and repaired properly.

So my advice to you is to pursue the matter and find out why it’s illuminated. Try to fix it yourself or take it into a shop qualified to repair it.

Bypassing or disconnecting check engine lights is against the federal emissions law. Read some articles below that can help with diagnosis and repair. The first one explains how to pull and clear codes. The second article is about common code numbers and definitions. Bookmark or share this page with a friend.

Come back to read the updated articles. Learn more about repairing individual codes and common car engine light problems. If you don’t want to read through a bunch of automotive articles for an answer, you can learn about the reliable car repair help service I’m a part of.

Help with Repairing Check Engine Lights

Have you seen the new crop of entry level scan tools with database connection to common solutions? Services like “fix assist” and “Code Connects” are being used to push product, but do they add any value? Here are my thoughts on using a scan tool with built in repair solutions.

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Diagnostic Trouble Code Articles

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Believe it or not the 5 digit code that the computer stores has a deep meaning. This next article explains what an enhanced code is and exactly what each digit stands for in diagnostic trouble codes. This is where to start when it comes to a logical path of diagnosis.

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