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Being a Mechanic for 30 years has left me with a bad back, but has provided lots of information to share. Browse through my personal insider tips, unique car repair advice and online automobile resources. I only talk about things that I have tested or used myself. Modern cars are hard to work on but the Web based tools available today can help reduce the pain.

Even though cars are complicated today some repairs like replacing air filters and wiper blades are easier on modern automobiles then the old ones. With do it yourself auto repair increasing in popularity I hope you’ll find this site an interesting resource worth sharing.

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Ford Triton Spark Plug Replacement Problems at

See why the Ford Triton spark plug breaks during maintenance service. Learn steps to increase the chances of getting the plug out in one piece.

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Independent Front Suspension Problems on

See what independent front suspension actually means. Mechanic explains how to diagnose steering knuckle, control arm and ball joint problems.

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Tire Pressure Warning System Issues on

Tire pressure warning systems can cause car owners some headaches. Learn how inflation monitoring works and the common problems they cause.

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Check Engine Light Reset Procedures from

The check engine light reset procedure explained. Mechanic shows how to clear diagnostic codes and reset the light without using scan tools.

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Review ABS System Common Problems at

See where to start when the ABS light is on. ABS system common problems can be manufacturer specific. Discover some common issues and how to diagnose them.

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Watch the DIY Brake Job Video on You Fix

Brake job video shows you some basic principles and procedures for common pad replacements. Auto mechanic offers a few additional tips as well.

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Automotive Service Bulletins that Help You Fix

How automotive service bulletins can diagnose common car problems. Mechanic provides a video that shows how to use them to fix cars at home.

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Diagnose Automotive Steering Parts at

Some auto repair shops up sell automotive steering parts like idler arms and tie rods when changing oil. Learn how to check these parts yourself.

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My Car Hit a Curb Now What Happens –

Just because a car hit a curb does not mean a wheel alignment is needed. See what to do after a curb hit to check the level of front end damage.

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Noise Diagnosis for Axle Shaft Bearings at

Rear wheel drive axle shaft bearings can create hard to find noise. See the leading cause of bearing failure and tips for axle noise diagnosis.

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Find Answers to Transmission Noises at

Transmission noise is not always a sign that major repairs are needed. Review some common problems that can cause manual transmission noises.

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Diagnose and Repair MAP Sensor Issues at

MAP sensor problems can turn on check engine lights and cause lack of power. See diagnostic and repair tips for common boost sensor problems.

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The Saturn Rattling Noise Solution at You Fix

See what causes this Saturn rattling noise and how to fix it. Learn about the technical service bulletin that helped find this awful noise.

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The Cylinder Leakage Test Procedure on

A cylinder leakage test can tell you what’s wrong with a car engine. Mark the mechanic shows you how it’s done and what the results indicate.

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Auto Scanner Reviews for DIY Car Repair on

Auto scanner reviews from a mechanic that uses them. See pictures and feature comparisons of the least expensive and most popular scanners.

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How to Find Automotive Electrical Shorts on

Electrical shorts causing blown fuses are hard to find. See how to turn auto circuit breakers into short finder tools and how to use them.

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