5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Business Travels

Business Travels

A recent report suggests that more than $111 billion is spent every year on corporate travel. While video conferencing works sometimes, it’s clear there’s still a significant need for face-to-face meetings, attending conferences, and in-person sales pitches.

But if you’re someone who travels for business, how can you keep your expenses to a minimum? And of course, how can you balance this with conducting your business travels in style?

Keep reading for our most helpful tips on how you can save money while traveling for business.

1. Do You Really Need Business Class?

The first piece of advice in our business travel guide considers air travel. We all know business class tickets are considerably more expensive than economy class, but how often are they worth it?

Our rule of thumb is to opt for economy class for flights three hours long and under. Save the luxury travel experience for when it will make a difference, especially for overnight flights.

2. Look Into Shared Transportation

Next, we can look at your car transportation. It’s worth thinking about the duration of your journeys and also where they fall in your trip’s itinerary.

For example, if you’re heading to a conference center from your hotel, why not a private car service with colleagues or friends in the industry? If you’re wondering how to hire a chauffeur and make an excellent first impression, you can get more info here.

3. Explore Different Room Types

In addition to business transportation, we can also consider how to save money on the accommodation element of your business trip. If you’ve found a hotel you like, make sure you explore the full range of room types that they offer.

There might be no point in paying extra for an excellent view if your schedule is full of outside meetings.

4. Shop Around for Flights

Our next tip for how to travel on business is to shop around. Try browsing for flights the previous evening or departing from a nearby airport if you can’t find a reasonably priced flight.

Once you’ve found a flight that suits your schedule, make sure you check it against comparison sites to ensure you’re getting the best deal available.

5. Pack Carefully

The last of our business transportation tips is to think about your luggage. Read your flight details carefully to see how many bags (and how much weight) you’re entitled to bring with you.

When necessary, always pay for extra luggage ahead of your arrival at the airport to avoid hefty charges. You might also want to save some room in your suitcase for souvenirs and gifts for your family and colleagues! 

That’s How You Can Save Money on Your Business Travels

We’ve now covered the best ways you can economize on your business travels. The key is to always shop around: whether you’re looking for flights, hotel rooms, or chauffeur services. A better deal might be just around the corner!

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