A Beginner’s Guide to Semi-Truck Hauling

Semi-Truck Hauling

The American trucking industry makes up a large percentage of the U.S economy. In fact, in 2018, the truck transport profession contributed nearly $1 trillion to the country’s GDP for the fiscal year.

However, if you’ve ever wondered how the larger loads are transported — more specifically — the semi-trucks themselves, then you’re in the right place.

Because in this article, we are breaking down the procedure of semi-truck hauling; how much it costs, the ways it gets done, and how you should prepare.

How Much Does it Cost Transport a Semi?

There is no fixed rate for semi transportation; this is due to the multitude of factors that play into the process. Because of all these variables, it’s difficult to determine a precise price range for any one delivery.

Although some places may charge by the mile to move your 18-wheeler, others will most likely conjure up a price based on the following criteria:

The Size and the Weight of the Truck

The bigger and more hefty the truck, the higher the price. For instance, if you’re moving a day cab truck, you can expect a lower price point than if you were to ship a semi-truck.

The Distance

When it comes to heavy delivery loads, the biggest influence on price is usually the distance that separates points A and B. For this reason, it would be prudent to be very familiar with how far your destination is.

Method of Shipment

You can get excellent semi truck towing for small distances. However, for longer ones, you’ll most certainly need another semi with a flatbed.

How Semi-Trucks get Shipped

For a semi-truck transport to take place, precautions must be adhered to. When dealing with behemoths that weigh 16,000 to 20,000 lbs, you’ll want to ensure the trucks are properly secure.

You can strap and block them in tightly with the correct equipment.

Not only does this keep you and others safe, but it also allows the semis to arrive at their destination unscathed.

The trucks are placed on flat racks that are lifted by a crane and put in place for the trucks to be hauled onto. They are basically giant containers — but without the walls.

How to Prepare for Semi-Truck Shipping

It’s important to be ready as tractor trailer transport can be a challenging procedure. Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare for the delivery:

  • Take out any valuables – Ensure all personal items are removed from the truck prior to transport
  • Wash the truck and record its state – Be sure it’s clean and tidy and take pictures of its current condition
  • Deplete fuel – This is a safety precaution, some trucks will tend to leak during transportation, and avoiding an explosion is always a good thing

Semi-Truck Hauling: Tying It All Together

Being aware of what to expect as it pertains to semi-truck hauling is paramount for having things unfold smoothly. Simply being prepared will make a world of difference.

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