Auto Repair Safety for DIY car repairs

It’s true that auto repair safety is not the most exciting subject in the world, but working on automobiles can be dangerous. DIY car repairs can also be fun and very rewarding. To keep the fun and reward you must prevent accidents by working safely.

The automobile is very dangerous when moving. It can be just as danger filled when sitting still. Many do-it-yourself mechanics are injured every year while performing repairs at home. The goal of this section of the you fix cars site is to hopefully make you think about a safe repair before you begin working on your vehicles.

Automotive Safety First

The health safety training articles section is towards the bottom of this page. I will make them as exciting as possible, because you must read them.

Nothing can ruin a day in the driveway like a trip to the emergency room. Some of the topics will included, understanding the importance of safety and accident prevention, plus discover what I learned from breaking a finger. I’ll explain the basic principles of personal auto repair safety including protective eye wear, clothing, gloves, and shoes.

Also included are some details explaining the procedures and precautions for safely using tools and equipment. When it comes to working on cars at home one of the most dangerous procedures is lifting and raising the vehicle. Learn how to avoid this and best practices for when there is no other choice.

You must always use jack stands and take extra precautions when performing this operation. I share a true story in the floor jack safety article below. Vehicle equipment and many car parts are very heavy and their weight alone can cause severe injuries to your body. Many parts of the car become extremely hot and can cause severe burns.

High fluid pressures can build up inside the cooling system, AC systems as well as the fuel system and battery. These fluids can spray dangerous distances getting on you, and in your eyes. Please always wear eye protection. The protective glasses today are comfortable and wrap around for better protection.

On the subject of the car battery, this is one of the more dangerous components in the automobile engine compartment. Batteries contain highly corrosive and potentially explosive water and acid solutions. These can cause bad skin burns or even permanent blindness.

Fuel systems have always been dangerous but are even more so in today’s automobiles with extremely high fuel pressures. And don’t forget that exhaust fumes are also poisonous and can be deadly. Long-term health safety precautions should also be a concern of the do-it-yourself auto repair mechanic.

While performing some repairs technicians can be exposed to harmful dust particles and vapors that can cause short-term chronic or even long term terminal diseases.  All of the safety concerns can be enough to scare you away from working on cars altogether. As a certified master car mechanic I can tell you that the chances of you being injured while working on cars is not that high.

However, this only applies if you known how to work safely and use a lot of common sense. Always think about the possible results of your physical actions. People call this thinking one step ahead. An example is pondering what will happen if the scraper slips. Is your other hand in the likely path it will travel?

I’ve been a car mechanic for about 30 years. For the most part my career has been injury free. I’m extremely diligent about my own personal safety while working on cars. Update: Yes, I jinxed myself. I suffered a broken finger while driving out a pin on a bucket for a backhoe. Long story short being a mechanic can be painful.

Read the articles below and learn how to perform your own car repairs with a level of safety in mind. Bookmark or share this auto repair safety page and check back for new articles about fixing cars the safe way.

This first article turned out better then I planed. I listed some of the car repair safety gear I own. I show you the most comfortable brands and cheapest prices. This is for YOUR personal safety. Using hand tools is necessary to accomplish most car repairs. But winding up in the emergency room getting stitches is not part of the plan. See what I have to say about safety when using hand tools.

Using a hydraulic floor jack at home can be dangerous. I share a true story of the worst case scenario and provide tips for floor jack safety. Protect your long term health from diseases related to the car repair industry. Learn about the cause and protection available against the most common auto repair illnesses. This car repair website continues to grow into a helpful resource for the driveway auto mechanic. Find out what else is available on the homepage and see if you are up to trying some at home auto repairs.

Hearing loss is something I suffer from thanks to long term exposure to noise. I wish someone explained to me why I should wear ear protection.