Common Car Problems and Their Typical Cost

Car Problems

If you own a vehicle, car problems are bound to happen. There’s no way to avoid having issues with your ride, but it can help to know what the most common car problems are and how to fix them. 

By knowing this information, you can quickly determine when something is wrong with your car and have funds set aside to pay for repairs when issues arise.

So, how much does it cost to fix car problems? Well, that answer varies depending on the situation. Read on to learn more about fixing cars.

Faulty Windshield Wiper Blades

Perhaps one of the most frequently used parts of your car is the windshield wipers. It rains on a regular basis and you’re constantly using the wipers to clean off the windshield. As a result, they become worn out. 

Thankfully, this is one of those car problems that’s relatively easy to fix and quite inexpensive. You’ll spend anywhere from $40 to $90 to get new windshield wiper blades. You can buy them at an auto repair store and replace them yourself or have someone that the repair store do it for you.

On the other hand, expect to pay a lot more money if you take your vehicle to an auto body shop. They’ll charge you for the wipers and the labor.

Oil Changes

Getting routine oil changes isn’t necessarily a car problem. However, it could definitely become a problem if it’s not done regularly. To keep your car running smoothly, it’s important to change out the oil, and refill it with fresh oil. 

If you continue to drive without doing so, it’ll negatively affect the engine and potentially blow your head gasket. 

Oil changes aren’t that expensive. They could cost you anywhere from $30 to $80. It all depends on what kind of car you have and the type of oil that you choose to get.

Many auto shops run specials for oil changes all of the time, so it’s easy to find a good deal and save money on the overall cost.

Bad Spark Plugs

Spark plugs play an essential role in your vehicle’s functionality by igniting the compressed fuel on the inside of the engine. However, spark plugs that are misfiring can hinder the engine power and cause damage to the catalytic converter.

If there’s something wrong with your spark plugs, you’ll know it. They’ll usually cause your car to sputter and shake, so driving won’t be easy at all. Replacing spark plugs costs anywhere from $10 to $300. But that price range depends on whether or not you change them yourself or have a mechanic do it. 

The price is also determined by the type of spark plugs that you require.

Missing or Loose Gas Cap

When most people think of car problems, the gas cap doesn’t always come to mind. However, it can also become damaged or fall off over time. Thankfully, it’s one of the easiest car issues to fix. 

If it’s loose, you can tighten it up yourself. On the other hand, if it requires a completely new replacement, you can buy one for just a few bucks at the auto shop. 

Keep in mind that it’s imperative to replace the gas cap if it’s missing. Closing the lid over the area is not good enough. If you don’t get a new gas cap, the gas will evaporate from your vehicle and reduce the gas mileage.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter can prevent the air in your car from blowing cool. The good news is, replacing an air filter is one of those car problems that’s an easy fix.

 A filter itself costs between $25 to $45 dollars. But if you want, you can also DIY the job. Simply open the hood of your car, remove the current air filter, and put the new one in.

 If you choose to allow a mechanic to change the filter for you, just know that the price could be up to $100 because the cost of labor will be added.


Faulty tires are one of those common issues that all vehicle owners face. Either your tires will become worn out, or they may blow out and require replacement. The price you pay to replace your tires depends on the kind of vehicle you have. 

A set of new tires could cost anywhere from $100 to $500. You may even pay close to $150 for one new tire itself. If you choose to take it to a mechanic, expect to pay around $750 for all new tires and repair costs.

However, you could potentially save a lot of money by buying used tires.

Bad Battery

Your battery is one part of your vehicle that’s essential to keep it running. But every now and again batteries go out and require replacement. Luckily,  a faulty battery is one of those car problems that you can fix on your own. 

Go to the auto store, and buy another battery. It’ll cost you anywhere from $200 to $350. Most auto part stores will even put a new one in for you for free!

If you have a Honda, check out this information about common Honda car issues.

Fixing Common Car Problems

As you can see, there are multiple parts on your car that could go out and shut your vehicle down. However, if you get routine maintenance and get your car problems fixed right away, you should be fine. 

There are tons of mechanics out there that can repair your vehicle with no problem.

Just do yourself a favor and put aside a repair fund so you can pay the technician when something goes wrong with your vehicle.

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