7 Serious Signs You Might Need Windshield Repair Services ASAP!

windshield repairHow many times have you been driving only for a stray rock to bounce up and smack your windshield? You probably thought it was no big deal; nothing to get concerned about. The bad news is, that’s not the case.

You wouldn’t drive your car without a working seatbelt, right? Of course not, safety first, after all. There’s no reason to jeopardize your safety because of a faulty car part. Remember, your windshield is as important as your seat belt.

In front-end collisions, your windshield provides up to 45 percent of your cabin’s structural integrity. In rollover crashes? Your windshield provides up to 60 percent of the cabin’s integrity. What’s more, your windshield is your main line of vision. You can’t drive if you can’t see out of your windshield.

Lets break down seven serious signs you might need windshield repair services asap.

Windshield Repair Sign 1: Your Windshield Has Cracks, Chips, or Nicks

Everyone expects their car to take a certain amount of wear and tear. People expect paint chips, scratches, dings, and dents. After all, you’re probably driving your car every day. For some reason, people don’t realize that their windshield also takes abuse.

Your windshield needs repairs if it has, cracks, chips, dings, dents, or other visible damage. Any damage compromises the structural integrity of the glass, not to mention obstructing your vision.

If your windshield is so damaged that it’s showing visible wear, get yourself to a repair shop as soon as possible.

2. Your Windshield Took Trauma

Sometimes your windshield takes damage that isn’t visible to the naked eye. These so-called microtraumas can compromise the structural integrity of your windshield. The problem is that you won’t see the cracks.

If your windshield gets hit with a rock, tree branch, or anything else, you need to take your vehicle in for a windshield checkup. Chances are high that your windshield needs repairing or even replacing.

3. Something Seems Off After Winter

Glass doesn’t respond well to temperature changes, especially extreme temperature changes. During the winter, cold windshields get stressed when we warm up our cars. That subtle temperature change can cause enough stress that your windshield cracks.

Again, these microtraumas are often invisible. Keep an eye on your windshield for vibrations or rattling noises. Sometimes small cracks can cause enough structural damage, without visible signs, that your windshield will behave differently.

4. Your Windshield is Pitted

The same road debris that can crack your windshield can also cause pitting. Pitting is best described as a collection of small marks on your windshield. Sometimes debris as small as sand can cause pitting.

Pits not only cause structural damage, but they also scatter reflected light, including headlight beams. The scattered light decreases your visibility. Light scattering can cause bright spots, phantom vehicles, and general conditions that impede visibility.

Despite the apparent lack of damage, pitted windshields need replacing with as much urgency as cracks, chips, or nicks.

5. You’re Seeing a White Haze

Manufacturers treat car windshields with polyvinyl butyral, or PVB. That thin plastic layer keeps auto glass from shattering during an impact. Imagine a drinking glass breaking. Glass shards scatter everywhere. A drinking glass covered in PVB would shatter without scattering any glass.

After enough wear and tear your windshield’s PVB coating can start to come off. The tell-tale sign is a white haze developing on your windshield’s edges. Again, this worn PVB necessitates an immediate repair. In the event of an accident, even a minor accident, your windshield can break and send sharp glass shards into your vehicle.

6. The Inside of the Glass is Cracking

Sometimes glass cracks appear on the inside of your windshield. These can happen for a variety of reason, though the cause isn’t what’s important. Many people assume that because the cracks are inside the windshield they aren’t as serious.

Cracks on the inside of your windshield are as serious as cracks on the outside of the windshield. Inside cracks also cause structural damage and carry the same risks as outer windshield cracks, dings, and chips.

7. You Have An Obstructed View

Anything that’s blocking your windshield (that’s actually in some way part of your windshield) is cause for a trip to the repair shop. Sometimes strange things appear on our windshields and it’s usually not our fault.

Mysterious fogs, substances that won’t come off after a trip to the car wash, and more can all find their way onto your windshield and obstruct your view. Often times a windshield repair service can remove the offending substance. They’ll have the tools to have your windshield looking brand new.

Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

Beyond windshield damage, cars take a beating. We’re constantly driving in the elements and subjecting our vehicles to untold amounts of damage. Even when people take care to maintain their cars there’s a lifespan to every car part.

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