Big Time Breakdowns: The Most Common Semi Truck Repairs

Semi Truck Repairs

When your semi-truck breaks down, your repair bill is the least of your worries. In the moment, keeping your truck from flying off the road or into another vehicle is a more pressing concern.

Fortunately, breakdowns can be avoided by keeping up with the necessary maintenance. Unfortunately, too many truck drivers neglect this maintenance until it’s too late.

So, today, we’re going to help you stay safe on the road with this semi-truck repair guide. In it, we list the most common causes of semi breakdowns and what you can do to prevent them. Read on to learn all about it.

1. Flat Tires/Blowouts

A flat tire or blowout can do more than delay your schedule. It can cause a fatal accident

And yet, this is a very common problem with semis. In addition to all the wear-and-tear your tires incur, they also endure a lot of temperature changes as you travel between distant locations. 

Rising temperatures cause your tire pressure to be too high. And traveling to colder areas causes underinflation. Both of these problems greatly increase the likelihood of a blowout.

Thus, when traveling across long distances, it’s a good idea to check your tire pressure each time you gas up. And always get your tires rotated/replaced at the recommended intervals for your vehicle/tires.

2. Alternator/Battery Issues

You already know that dead batteries are a common problem for any vehicle. What you may no know is that semi-truck drivers also have alternators to worry about. The alternator is an essential component that allows your battery to work.

If either the battery or the alternator or the battery is dying or malfunctioning, you’ll notice the electrical components of your vehicle failing, too. For instance, you’ll see the lights flickering while you idle the engine. This is often worse in cold climates.

If you notice such things, take your rig to a competent semi repair shop, like Tri County Truck and Trailer Repair Inc. Otherwise, you may get stranded in the middle of your route, unable to start your truck.

3. Brake Failure

Your semi’s brakes handle enormously heavy loads. Not only does this cause a lot of wear-and-tear, it makes brake failure extremely dangerous. Always check on the state of your brakes as often as you check on your tires.

4. Engine Problems

Diesel truck engine technology has gone through a lot of changes over the years. While newer models are a lot more efficient resilient, the older ones are much more prone to breakdowns.

Still, no matter what make and model you drive, the best remedy is preventative maintenance. One of the easiest and most important engine maintenance steps is replacing your engine filters regularly. A clogged filter will quickly cause all sorts of engine problems.

Remember This Semi Truck Repair Guide

Don’t let these breakdowns happen to you. Remember the tips in this semi truck repair guide and take the proper precautions to prevent these hazards.

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