5 Cheap Car Mods That Can Improve Your Ride Big-time

car modsYour vehicle is likely one of the top two assets in your possession. That being said, you should treat it as an asset by sprucing it up.

Did you know that simple modifications and a little TLC can increase the car’s resale value by $2000? There are many modifications that can be performed on a tight budget.

Read for a guide to making car mods on your vehicle. Explore 5 cheap car mods that are certain to improve your ride.

1. Upgrade the Headlights

Many older vehicles have halogen headlights. One cheap and easy car mod is to install new headlight bulbs.

The most popular headlights are Light Emitting Diode (LED) and High-Intensity Discharge (HID4). They are brighter and give the car a noticeably different look when driving at night.

Another cheap tip is to remove headlight haze on the lenses. There are cheap polishing kits offered by manufacturers like 3M. Not only does this help with style, but it also improves the performance of headlights at night.

2. Window Tinting

One of the sharpest car mods that you can make is car window tinting. The tint is one of the few upgrades that turn heads on the street when you drive by.

There are a few different methods to tint windows. The best method is to take your car to a professional tinting service. This is the best way to guarantee quality and ensure that your car complies with local and state laws.

There are also DIY kits available at hobby shops. This is the cheapest option and involves the application of a film over the windows.

3. New Tires and Wheels

There are a few items on a car that immediately draw the attention of onlookers. Fresh new wheels are one of those items. Not many car enthusiasts are impressed by a set of hubcaps over the wheels.

New tires are amongst the best ways to ensure a smooth ride. If your car shakes a lot or pulls in one direction or the other, the tires likely need to be replaced or repaired.

4. Sound System

Now that your car looks good, it is time to make it sound good. You can upgrade the car’s stereo system at a reasonable price.

Look for a sound system that includes components like an amplifier and a subwoofer. Modern day control units are Bluetooth compatible. This is great for syncing your iPhone or Android up with the car.

5. Upgrade the Interior

Your exterior looks great and the car is bumping, but just one more thing is missing. You need to upgrade the car’s interior to make the overhaul complete.

On a tight budget, there are a few different avenues to take. The first is replacing the floor mats.

Purchase all-weather floor mats for protection and make your car look like an upgraded model. Other interior options include a steering wheel and seat covers.

Car Mods – Wrapping It Up

Not only will car mods make your car run better and look nicer, but they add resale value. Simple DIY projects like removing headlight haze go a long way.

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