5 Tips to Getting a Car Repair Estimate After an Accident

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If you’ve ever been in a car accident, then you know how stressful it can all be. You have to make sure everyone is okay, and then exchange insurance information.

This only the beginning of the process. You still have to worry about getting your car repaired.

But you shouldn’t settle for the first car repair estimate you get. Here are 5 tips to help this process run smoothly.

1. Don’t Settle for the First Estimate

After a car accident, all you want to do is get your car repaired and put the accident behind you. For this reason, many car owners settle for the first estimate they get.

No matter how fast you want the repairs, you should never settle for the first estimate.

Before you put your car in the hands of a repair shop, you should get a detailed written estimate with all of the details of the repairs.

Make sure the written estimate specifies all of the parts and repairs your car needs.

2. Do Your Research

If your insurance company has suggested repair shops they work with, you should still look into them.

Take a look at online reviews for each of those repair shops. You might want to ask around to see if any of the people you know ever worked with them.

There’s nothing wrong with calling them up and getting a feel for how they treat their customers.

3. Watch Out for Low-Balled Estimates

Accidents can be quite costly, and none of the parties involved want to pay more than they have to.

Be careful with low-balled estimates. Often times some repair shops give insurance companies low-estimates so they work with them more.

However, if this happens you should walk away. If you think there’s something wrong with the process and you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t have to pick them.

You can ask your insurance company to recommend you a different repair shop.

4. Follow Up With Your Insurance

Sometimes insurance companies might take time to go through their claims which can cause several delays with your case.

If many business days go by and you haven’t heard from your insurance, there’s no shame in following up with them.

While you wait for your insurance to get back to you, you should consult with a legal team if you plan on seeking legal action. Car accident attorneys such as Zanes Law can take a look at your case.

5. Find Out About Warranties

Before you trust your car repairs to a shop, you need to learn about their warranty policy.

If the repair shop doesn’t offer a warranty you’re satisfied with, you should move on to a repair shop that offers a better warranty.

Most reputable repair shops offer a lifetime warranty to back up their work.

Car Repair Estimate: The Bottom Line

There you have, 5 things to keep in mind when you’re getting a car repair estimate.

Make sure you do your research, you follow up with your insurance company, and don’t settle for the first estimate.

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