5 Signs It’s Time to Junk Your Car

junk your carBelieve it or not, cars are the number-one most recycled product on the planet.

Selling your car to a so-called junkyard has plenty of environmental — not to mention financial — benefits.

First of all, it’s a lot cheaper than continuously hitting up your local mechanic.

Additionally, selling your car to a junkyard means that others can use it for its spare parts. Plus, driving a damaged car likely means you’re releasing more toxins into the air.

But when is it time to junk your car?

Read on to learn the top five signs.

1. Your Check Engine Light Won’t Quit

Has your car’s check engine light become a constant companion?

If you’re tired of fixing issues with your car, only to see the light pop up again the next day, it’s time to junk your car.

If you’re dealing with this, look for companies like Cash For Cars, Pick-n-Pull, and other junkyards with mottos like “We buy junk cars Los Angeles!”

2. Your Car Is A Rusted Mess

While all cars can get a little rusty from time to time, it’s easy for a buildup of rust to get out of control.

This isn’t just unsightly and embarrassing, it’s also dangerous to drive.

This is because the rust can actually damage the support systems of your vehicle. It can even slowly eat away at your brakes.

3. You’re In The Six-Digit Range

Even if you’ve taken excellent care of your car, the truth is that if you’re over 100,000 miles, the end is in sight.

Instead of continuing to deal with the frequent breakdowns, high repair costs, and safety risk, it’s time to let go.

Get yourself a new car — one that actually looks like it was made this century.

4. Your Mileage Is A Joke

Gas prices are already high enough — so why are you continuing to sink money into an old car that gives you awful mileage?

It’s highly likely that, when you take a look at how much cash you’re spending on gas for your clunker, you could have just as easily made a down payment on a new car.

5. Your Car’s Safety Rating Is Low

It’s not just the outward appearance of your car that can cause you to junk it.

Especially if you frequently have other passengers, a car with a low safety rating by today’s standards just isn’t acceptable. If your car is so old it doesn’t even have airbags, even a quick drive to the pharmacy carries a risk for fatalities.

It’s just not worth endangering your own life, or the lives of other drivers on the road.

Ready To Junk Your Car?

Thanks to this post, you know when it’s time to junk your car.

Of course, sometimes your car can still be repaired! If you don’t have the cash — or the patience — to send it to the mechanic, we get it.

Check out our website to pick up the latest tips and tricks on how to handle your own auto repairs.

Learn how to fix your check engine light or even your car’s AC unit.