The 5 Best Automotive Repair Schools

Automotive Repair Schools

The need for skilled mechanics in America is higher than ever. As the number of cars on America’s roads increases, auto technicians are highly sought-after.

Automotive repair schools offer training and education in a wide range of automotive areas. . An automotive repair career pays well. Because there is high demand for auto repair techs, there is a high level of job security.

If you are interested in a career in automotive repair, and wondering about automotive repair schools near me, read on. We’ll take a look at the very best and what they have to offer.

The Nation’s Best Automotive Repair Schools

Most cities have a trade school or community college with an automotive repair program. But five schools across the country are true standouts according to The Best Schools:

University of Northwestern Ohio

UNO offers a general course of study in auto repair, along with areas of specialization. Students can also earn a Bachelor’s degree that combines auto repair with business management.

Montana State University-Northern

This program is based on ASE standards in three areas: automotive, diesel, and agriculture.

Ferris State University

This Michigan college combines technical education with a business management curriculum to provide a well-rounded education.

Weber State University

Located in Ogden, Utah, Weber State is known for its very high recruitment rates of graduates.

Southern Adventist University

This beautiful campus in Tennessee provides hands-on instruction in a full-service garage. Worksite opportunities in local auto centers are also available.

Finding a Specialty

While auto repair schools will teach you a broad range of skills, many auto technicians specialize in different areas. Some technicians are skilled in electrical systems or climate control. Others prefer to work on emissions and exhaust systems.

One auto center that employs emissions specialists is Performance Auto Center. For motorists with cars that failed a state emissions inspection, finding someone that excels in this area is very important. Two-thirds of the states in the U.S. currently require regular tests of automotive emissions systems.

For those students who want to manage their own business, it’s a good idea to study business management while learning technical skills. Running an auto center is a specialized skill of its own.

A New Career Awaits

There are many benefits of automotive repair schools. You’ll learn a technical trade that is in high demand with opportunities all across the country. You can specialize in specific automotive systems or hone your general repair skills.

Many schools provide degree programs in business management to help prepare you to run your auto center. Most provide hands-on education or opportunities to work with local repair centers.

Finding the right school is essential to your success. Look for a facility that is near you, offers the education and training you prefer, and can help you find work when your training is complete.

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