What to Do When Your Car Is Beyond Repair

Car Repair

Did you know that around one million cars are scrapped each year? Through accidents or old age, an unsalvageable car is not something you want lying around. But do you know what to do when you end up with a wrecked car?

When the burden falls on you, you do have a few options. Read on as we discuss what to do when your car is beyond repair.

What Is a Write-Off?

A write-off occurs when a car is damaged, and an insurance company deems it unusable. This means that the car can no longer be driven legally, and its value decreases significantly. It effectively becomes a junk car.

Cars that get wrote off do not always look damaged beyond repair. They could have damage from fire, water, or even small dents that have played havoc on the internal mechanics.

There are two main types of write-offs. Constructive total loss is when a wrecked car repair would exceed 75% of the insured value. The second is total loss or theft and is when a vehicle vanishes and is not traceable by the authorities.

If your car is written off, then the insurance company will take charge of the vehicle and it will no longer be your property. However, if your car becomes beyond repair through wear, tear, or damage insurance won’t payout on, then you have a few options.

Sell It for Parts

Your first choice is to sell the car for scrap. If you have a fairly decent knowledge of parts and mechanics, you can break it down and sell each piece individually. Though this takes a lot of work and knowledge, you will get more for it overall.

Selling the metal from your totaled car is easy, as you can go off the current market value. However, parts are more tricky to get a price on, as many people advertise them at costs much higher than they need to be. Shop around and come to a reasonable price before advertising.

Sell It for Scrap

For many people, dismantling a junk car is just not viable. It takes a lot of time, knowledge, and even then you have to find buyers. Instead, it is much better to scrap your car in one go.

Scrap companies will often pick up the vehicle for you and take it away. They will offer you one all-in price for the whole vehicle, then later break it down and sell its parts individually.

Beyond Repair Sales

In summary, if the insurance company won’t deal with your beyond repair car, then it needs to be sold for scrap. You can break it down for more profit, or sell it in one go for ease. Regardless, you should claim at least a small part of its value back.

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