7 Interesting Facts About the Trucking Industry

Trucking Industry

As America began to wake up to the knock-on effects of the Coronavirus, there was one group that was suddenly hailed as the heroes of the nation. No, we are not talking about doctors, who rightly hold a special place in most people’s hearts, but truckers.

Trucking companies and the trucking industry as a whole were suddenly under the spotlight as people started to realize that their goods didn’t magically appear on their shelves.

It is clear then that the trucking industry is a silent giant. So to gain some perspective on just how big it is, check out our bumper list of trucking facts.

1. Where the Trucking Industry Started

The world of trucking wouldn’t be anything without one man, Charles Fruehauf. A blacksmith and carriage maker, Fruehauf was requested to come up with a way of hauling a boat behind a Ford Model T in 1914. Fruehauf came good, invented the trailer and the rest is history.

2. The Silent Majority

It is fair to say that, unlike other more common professions, not many can profess to know a truck driver.

Perhaps due to them moving about so often but it is not because there aren’t many. Approximately 3.6 million truckers are working in America, making up the larger 7.95 million workforce working in the trucking industry as a whole.

3. On the Road Again

If you have ever gone on a long drive across the country, you can appear to pass countless trucks on the highway. That makes sense when you know how many there are in the country! 36.9 million are registered to be used for business purposes and bearing in mind how much we depend on them that isn’t a bad thing.

4. Know When to Hit the Breaks

We know that we should be careful when driving behind or in front of a truck. But when you know their breaking capacity that only emphasizes it. Trucks take up to 40% longer to break, and that’s not taking into account any of the countless variables.

For this reason, it is recommended to leave at least an 8 seconds gap when driving next to one and to double that number should it rain.

5. Women in Trucking

6.6% of truck drivers are women highlighting what a male-dominated industry it is. This is slightly changing however and while it is fair to say that women face different challenges than men, it is clear that they are more ready than ever to take up their place in the trucking industry.

6. Money Maker

It’s clear that there is money in the trucking industry, but do you know how much? In 2019 an astronomical $791.1 billion was generated, making up a hefty 80.4% of the nation’s freight bill.

So what are they moving? A heavy haul trucking company can move anything from food, merchandise for retail, liquids, and construction goods and materials.

7. Heavy Hitters

Truck companies move heavy loads, but how heavy are we talking? A semi with a full load will take a max load of 80,000 pounds with an empty semi with no load comes in at 35,000 pounds. To give you some perspective, America’s most popular car, the Ford F weighs approximately between 4-4,600 pounds.

Full Speed Ahead for the Trucking Industry

As mentioned at the outset, the trucking industry is one of the foundations of any modern society. The large numbers we have presented give you a glimpse into just how much of a behemoth it is. Here’s to it remaining that way long into the future.

We hope that you learned something from our comprehensive collection of facts about trucking. If you did then be sure to check out the other great content on our site.