Navigate Downtown Driving With These 5 City Parking Tips

City Parking Tips

Downtown driving can be a drag. And, more often than not, parking is the hardest part! 

In fact, many drivers experience nervousness and stress associated with city parking, to the extent that parking anxiety has become a well-documented condition affecting countless urban drivers. 

But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Keep reading for our top five city parking tips, and break free from the fear and intimidation that often comes along with finding your perfect spot.

1. Plan Ahead

If you’re wondering how to find city parking, this is our top tip!

Locate a few ideal spots before you ever leave home. That way, you’ll never find yourself driving in endless loops looking for signs, or accidentally turning down one-way streets.

Tech-savvy drivers can even pre-program a route using GPS technology. This will allow you to drive from one potential parking area to the next with ease.

2. Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Parking in a big city takes time. And, the fastest way to find yourself stressed out about it is arriving in a hurry.

Leave home with plenty of time to find your space without rushing. Don’t forget to check local traffic before you leave. And, avoid areas that you know will be crowded – especially if you’re looking for parking during peak times, like a lunch break.

3. Ask for Help

For a small tip, nearly any parking lot attendant, doorman, or hospitality staff member will be happy to give you a hand parking. This can be especially helpful if you’re parallel parking on a busy street!

A second person can help you with tasks like slowing oncoming traffic, squeezing into small spaces, and even pulling out when you’re ready to leave.

4. Practise Parallel Parking

When it comes to city driving, there’s no single task more stressful than parallel parking. And, most of us only perform the task for our drivers’ exam, and then in real-world parking scenarios.

If you tend to get stressed, you can sharpen this skill at home by using a couple of traffic cones or other small objects. Parallel parking when you aren’t stopping traffic or feeling anxious can help you perfect your skills and stress less when it’s time to park under pressure.

5. There’s an App for That

If you’re focused on how to find a parking spot quickly and easily, technology might offer a simple solution. These days, more and more parking applications are being released, helping connect drivers with garages, driveways, and curbs in urban areas.

Depending on where you’re driving and how much time you have to plan ahead, you can use ParkMobile and similar platforms to reserve the ideal space before you ever get behind the wheel. 

Hit the Road With These Parking Tips

Armed with these easy to follow city parking tips, you’re ready to navigate downtown driving with ease. That’s awesome! Finding your perfect parking spot has never been easier.

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