4 Shady Mechanic Tricks and How to Avoid Them


Fewer things are as satisfying as finding a good mechanic, right? Perhaps the only greater feeling is cruising down the highway knowing your car is in perfect mechanical condition.

However, if you’re yet to find the right mechanic, every trip to a new mech is filled with fear and uncertainty, and for good reason. Shady mechanics are the bane of vehicle ownership and they are too common. In fact, 66 percent of American drivers distrust car repair shops in general.

So, how do you tell a disreputable mechanic from an honest one?

In this article, we’re sharing shady mechanic tricks you should be on the lookout for.

1. The Advertised Price Is Too Good To Be True

When your car develops a mechanical problem, the first thing you do is go online and learn more about it.

In the process of your search, you’re bound to come across advertisements by repair shops. Engage low gear and proceed with caution!

You can tell a lot from the messaging an ad. While an authentic mechanic will encourage you to bring in your car for expert diagnosis, a shady mechanic will include a price estimate in the ad. And in most cases, the advertised price will be too good to be true.

A mechanic can only give you a repair quote after physically examining your car.

2. The Car Needs More Repairs

You take in your car for a routine coolant change. Suddenly the mechanic is telling you the car needs some repairs. This is a red flag.

Yes, it’s possible that your car truly needs more repairs, but unless these new problems are diagnosed by a mechanic who has a history with your car or the faults are clearly visible, don’t be too quick to bite.

A genuine mechanic will seek your consent before doing any further work on your car, and they’ll explain all the repair jobs the car needs before fixing them.

3. No Service Guarantee

Any mechanic worth their salt won’t have a problem offering you a service guarantee.

And so if the road leads you to a mech who doesn’t offer any service guarantee (in writing), slam the brakes, reverse and drive off.

No, seriously. Think about it. If a mech is well-qualified, why would they not want to stand behind their services 100 percent?

If you leave a repair shop and the problem recurs shortly afterward, you should be able to return the car and get the problem re-fixed – at no extra cost.

4. Cheaper Replacement Parts

Admit it, you love a bargain.

However, when a bargain means ending up with an inferior product, think twice. When it comes to your car especially, don’t compromise on the quality of spare parts.

Stay away from a mechanic who advises you to buy cheaper replacement parts. These are usually counterfeit products that, if installed in your car, can endanger your and other road users’ safety.

Such mechanics are typically very stubborn and convincing, and if you don’t know how to deal with difficult people, it can be easier to give in to their tricks.

Watch Out for These Shady Mechanic Tricks

Repairing and maintaining your car not only enhances its lifespan but also makes it safer to drive.

Unfortunately, many drivers have suffered at the hands of dishonest mechanics who are out to make a quick buck. Fortunately, we have enlightened you with most common shady mechanic tricks, so you’re now in a better position to avoid the bads ones. 

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