Auto Body Repairs: Do It Yourself?

auto body repairsDoes this sound familiar to you?

You go into the auto body shop to get what you thought was a cheap dent repair. Several hours and several hundred dollars later, you’re left wondering just how much a minor repair can really cost you.

It’s true that dent repair can easily run $450 or more. But not all dents, scratches, and bumps require a trip to the shop. You can fix small and minor dings without ever leaving your house.

Not every repair is catastrophic enough to warrant an unsightly bill. Learn about auto body repairs you can do yourself and ones to leave to the pros.

Dent Repair

Do you have a dent? You can roll up your sleeves and fix it yourself.

Before you go out and buy supplies, try to use some items around the house as dent pullers. Everything from plungers to hair dryers can be used to pop a dent back into place. You should also read up on do it yourself safety tips to protect yourself during repairs.

Dent pullers are usually successful for small and minor dents. In many cases, you’re going to have to go out and invest in some supplies. Check to make sure you have sandpaper, epoxy, creme hardener, a plastic spreader, paint, and primer.

The first step is to sand the dent to remove the paint from the affected area. You can then spread a body filler across the damaged area. Create a body filler with the creme hardener and epoxy according to instructions.

Spread the body filler across the afflicted area and make sure to cover a few extra inches. Use the plastic spreader and stroke the filler across the area until it is flat, smooth, and dry.

The next step is to further sand the dent area to make it as smooth as possible. You can also use spot putty to fill any deep areas.

Finally, you need to apply primer to your car. Make sure you cover any indented area to prevent the primer from bleeding onto the rest of your car. Add several coats to the dent.

Scratches and Scrapes

It’s almost impossible to avoid getting superficial blemishes on your car. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix your scratches and scrapes at home.

The first thing you should do is get the manufacturer’s paint code from your glove box. This will specify what kind of touch up paint you need. If you can’t find the paint code, you can always ask a technician for free advice.

Once you purchase touch up paint, you can get to work. Make sure you have wax, sandpaper, and some water with soap.

First, apply the soapy water to the scratch to clean the area. You should then wet your sandpaper and apply it to the edges of your scratch. Let the area dry before adding paint.

You should then add a layer of touch up paint to the blemish. Let that dry and add additional layers as needed. Let the paint dry overnight to make sure you’re satisfied with the appearance.

You may have to consult a professional if the paint continues to chip or looks discolored. If that’s the case, give a call to a local auto body like JH Body Shops.

Do It Yourself Auto Body Repairs

Auto body repairs don’t have to be expensive. By learning a few tricks, you could save yourself hundreds on a minor repair.

Are you interested in learning about more do it yourself repairs? We can help. Check out our blog for more tips on fixing up your car.