Diagnosing Exhaust Problems: 4 Signs to Watch Out For

Car Exhaust

You’ve had your car a few years now and you notice the engine sounds much louder, and not in a good way. The last thing you need right now is a major car repair bill! 

Recent surveys show that almost 40% of American drivers don’t know how to do basic auto maintenance like changing tires or oil! If you don’t keep up on your maintenance, you could miss important first signs of trouble that you can address before the issue gets bigger and more expensive to repair.

If you think your exhaust system is acting up, there are a few key signs to look for. Keep reading to learn the 4 most common indications of exhaust problems. 

1.) Something Smells Funny

Your nose knows, and this can be one of the first issues you notice when your car’s exhaust needs repairs. If you can smell gasoline in your car, while you’re driving, that’s a good sign there’s a problem!

Another spot to sniff is under the hood. If you smell burning when you look into the engine bay, get it checked out ASAP! If the exhaust touches something plastic, it could burn and even catch fire if you don’t address it soon enough.

2.) Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Another telltale sign that your exhaust has issues is when you notice a drop in fuel efficiency. You’ll also notice that the car’s power and acceleration drop off as well.

3.) Hanging Pipe

This should seem obvious, but if you hear a metal scraping sound and notice that the exhaust pipe hangs off of the back of your car, get it fixed. Trying to secure the exhaust pipe to the bumper or other part of the car won’t last long, or at all. Best to trust a professional.

4.) Noisy Engine

Turn off the radio and close the windows. Do you hear a hissing or tapping sound? These sounds could mean your exhaust system needs some attention too.

Ok, So You Have Exhaust Problems… Now What?

You identified one or more of these exhaust issue warning signs and you know you need to address the issue, but how? Some people try to DIY car repairs whenever possible to save a few bucks. Don’t try to DIY your exhaust repair, chances are it won’t go well.

Call around to find a reputable Performance Auto Center to handle the exhaust repairs for you. Make sure to call several shops and compare prices to ensure you get the best price on your repair service.

Keep Your Car Road-Ready and Your Performance High

Keep an eye out for any warning signs of exhaust problems or other major issues with your car. Letting a problem get worse could cost you more money to repair later or worse, it could make your car dangerous to drive!

Even if the issue isn’t bad enough to endanger you, it’s affecting your car’s performance! No one wants to burn more gas than they need to.

We hope you loved reading this article and that you learned a few things to look out for if you think your car’s exhaust has issues. If you have any questions about this article or if you’re looking for more high-performance car articles, check out the rest of our blogs today!