7 Options to Consider When Selling Your Old Car

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There’s really nothing better than buying a new car. After all, some people spend more time behind the wheel than they do at home.

Cars don’t last forever. Eventually, you’ll have to get rid of your old car to make room for a new one. If you’ve been stressed about selling your old car, you’ve come to the right place for help.

This article takes a look at how to sell a used car for the most money and the least amount of stress. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on the best options for selling your car.

1. Sell to a Private Individual

Your first option is to sell your car to a private party. This is probably one of the quickest and easiest ways to sell your car. 

All you really have to is park the car in your driveway and slap a for sale sign in the window. This allows anyone who drives by to get a look without invest much time or effort in marketing.

While this option requires minimum effort, it always limits the number of eyeballs that your car will be exposed to.

You can also pay for a classified ad, list it in an online forum, and use online advertising to help spread the world.

Selling privately often works out to the advantage of both the buyer and seller. After all, there’s no middle man involved, therefore the transaction is clean and simple.

2. Pawn Your Car

Have you ever considered pawning your car? This is actually a really great option. 

Just as you might pawn a TV, a guitar, or a piece of jewelry, you can just as easily pawn any type of car or truck.

It’s a simple matter of having your car title available and ready to go. Drive the car to the pawnshop, hand over the title in exchange for the amount of the pawn loan, and you’re able to walk away with the fast cash you need for other things.

The amount of the pawn load is based on whatever dollar value the pawnshop estimates they can sell the car for, and you’ll typically have 30 days to pay repay the loan or they are free to sell it.

A pawn loan is a great way to get your hands on fast cash when you need it in a hurry. Or you can simply let the pawnshop make a cash offer to buy your car rather than getting a short-term loan. 

This resource will show you where to pawn a car.

3. Sell to a Junk Car Buyer

Another way to unload your used car as quickly as possible is through a junk car buyer. In fact, this method of selling a car enables you to turn your junker into cash without ever having to leave your house.

The process is relatively simple and straightforward. Find a website for a company that buys junk cars. You’ll be asked for basic information about your car. This includes the year, make and model of your car, the overall condition, as well as the current mileage.

Once this information is provided, the website should immediately generate a cash offer for your car. If you’re willing to accept the offer, input your personal information, including the VIN number and your address and phone number.

The junk car company will then send you a confirmation email containing the date and time they intended to pick up the car. When the details are finalized, all you’ll be required to do is remove any personal items from the car and have the title ready when they arrive.

Once they show up, you’ll exchange the title for a check in the agreed-upon amount, and that’s it!

Keep in mind that while this type of arrangement is quick and easy, you’ll only a bare minimum for your car. So you might want to use this option as a last resort.

4. List it on eBay

It should come as no surprise that eBay is a powerful tool for selling a car fast. After all, eBay provides instant access to millions of users around the world.

The key to making the most money possible using eBay is to create a great listing. Fortunately, the process is pretty simple.

First, take high-quality photos of your car. Park it in good light and get shots from different angles, both inside and out. Then write an informative and honest description of all features, including whether or not the car still runs.

One of the cool things about eBay is the fact that you have multiple options. These include selling to the highest bidder, setting a reserve so that you don’t sell for less than a minimum amount, or set a Buy Now price, enabling a buyer to make an instant purchase.

5. Sell it to an Outside Car Dealer

You can always try to sell your car directly to a dealership. After all, dealerships are constantly needing to add to their inventory of used cars.

Just be aware that a dealership typically won’t offer much if you’re not trading it in on the purchase of a new car. But it’s still an option, especially if your car is in decent shape and still runs pretty well.

6. Trade it in on a New Car

Are you currently shopping for a new car? If so, you can trade-in your old car against the purchase price of the new one. This is actually one of the most common ways of getting rid of a used car.

This also gives you more leverage with the salesman. After all, they are typically anxious to make a sale, so that will likely give you a little more for the used car in an effort to keep their inventory moving.

7. List it Online

There are also plenty of other ways to sell a used car online. This includes posting it on social media or using online classifieds such as Craigslist. 

A Guide to Selling Your Old Car for the Most Money Possible

When it’s time to upgrade your ride, you’ll need to get rid of your old car. Fortunately, these tips for selling your old car will make the process less stressful.

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