Auto Lessons: 7 Common Car Engine Problems

woman working on car

Any car owner should know how to take care of their machine. However, even with perfect consideration, you could encounter several comm issues with your car engine. To learn more about seven common engine problems, check out this helpful guide!

Water In The Engine

If water gets into your engine, you can have a lot of problems. You can damage your engine severely by driving your car through high water or rainstorms. The piston rods your engine can easily bend, shattering them and leaving you stranded.

Your car combustion chamber can also be damaged by water passing through the intake manifold, along with the spark plug. Engine problems can be caused by a single issue or a combination of them.

Visible Smoke or Steam

No matter the color, your car is not doing well if you can see smoke. If you experience any smoke or steam coming from your engine, you need to visit a mechanic immediately.

There are many potential reasons that you are having this issue. A poor crankcase, using the wrong grade of oil, worn gaskets, bad cylinders, or damaged rings could be at fault. You should always pay attention to the condition of your engine and keep in maintained.

Strange, Loud Sounds

Whenever you are in your car, you should pay attention to any strange or unusual sounds, as well as any vibrations or knocking. Your engine could have a worn out timing belt, a faulty starter, and other severe engine problems. If you are not skilled in engine repair, take your car to a mechanic or dealership to determine the exact issues behind the noises.

Issues with Stalling

If your car stalls suddenly in the middle of traffic, you are creating a huge safety hazard. If you happen to be a busy street or dealing with blind corners, any minor hesitation can cause a severe accident.

There are many reasons your engine is stalling or hesitating. Your car may be having issues with the spark plugs, fuel line, or fuel filter. However, you should have it examined by a professional, as the problems may not be related to the engine.


One of the most common causes of your engine overheating is a general lack of coolant. You could also be dealing with a variety of other engine issues, like a broken thermostat, a leaking coolant system, and broken or loose plugs.

A burnt-out radiator, a cracked or blown head gasket and clogged hoses can also cause issues with overheating. If your engine repeatedly overheats, it can cause severe damage to your vehicle.

Issues With Oil

If you neglect to take your car in for a regular oil change, you risk creating one of the most common engine problems. Failing to change your engine’s oil as needed means that your engine will lose lubrication stop operating efficiently.

If you keep ignoring the issues, your car will eventually stop working due to issues with your oil control valve.

Old Spark Plugs

If you are driving an older vehicle, you need to keep your spark plugs in mind. Spark plugs make your engine work by igniting compressed fuel and providing energy for it to operate.

Old spark plugs stop engines from turning over correctly by creating a weak ignition. This can result in deteriorating milage and even cause serious long-term damage to your car engine.

Know the Signs of Engine Problems to Limit Damage

Being aware of common engine issues is crucial for any car owner. By knowing what to look for, you will save a lot of time and money. Check out our website today for more articles like this!