5 Reasons Your Car Won’t Start

person with car that won't start

It has been a hectic morning for you, and you glance at the clock. You are running late again, and you know your boss will not want to listen to your excuses this time around. You get into your car, and as Murphy’s Laws would have it, your car won’t start.

If you have ever had to deal with such a situation, our article below will give you a quick indicator of what could be going on at that particular moment.

Why Your Car Won’t Start

Talk to anyone who owns an auto repair shop, and they will regale you with tales from frustrated customers. They will tell you about the number of calls they get for very small, easy to correct problems. Knowing how to troubleshoot your car is, therefore, an essential skill for any car owner.

Read on below for reasons why your car may refuse to start, and how you can rectify the situation.

1. Battery Terminal Connections

You turn on the ignition, but the car does not start. You’ll need to check the battery terminal connections. Check to see if there’s any corrosion. Forcing a screwdriver between the terminal post, and connector may work. You should, however, make a trip to your auto repair shop to replace the cables.

2. Dead Battery

You hear a clicking sound when trying to start the car, but it does not come on. It could signal that you need to change the battery. If the battery seems to be okay, ensure that the wiring from the starter is not loose.

3. No Power from the Battery

Your battery has been giving you problems. You pray that the car won’t start clicking signaling a bigger problem. When you turn it on, you notice that the instrument panel does not light up. It’s a clear indication that there’s no power coming from the battery. It could also mean that your ignition switch has a problem.

Turning on the headlights will let you know if your battery has a problem. If they come on, check the wiring between the battery and the ignition switch. Tighten up the terminals in case of a loose connection.

4. Key Does Not Turn In the Ignition

Sometimes you may face a problem with turning the key in the ignition. Check that you did not lock the steering wheel. Turning the steering wheel left to right will unlock it; jiggle the key in the ignition as you do this so that it unlocks the steering.

You should hope that there’s no problem with the ignition lock. You’ll find that you have to make a trip to hear auto repair shop.

5. Inconsistent Power Supply

Sometimes the car won’t start clicking noise is the least of your worries. You could be happily driving along, and then you notice the jerking motion in your car. It could indicate that you have inconsistent power already have a problem with your fuel system.

If the RPM drops, it could be a fuel problem. If the RPM rises, but the car has no power, it could indicate a transmission problem.

Learn How to Troubleshoot Your Car

You don’t have to keep on running to the auto repair shop anytime your car won’t start. By having the right knowledge, sometimes all you’ll need is a screwdriver to sort out your issues.

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