How to Change Wiper Blades on Your Car

Getting your windshield wipers replaced at an auto mechanic can cost from $18-$36. You can cut the cost of this by doing the labor yourself and buying the parts from your local automotive store.

This is one of the easiest car maintenance tasks you can do by yourself. Learning how to change your windshield wipers yourself can save you money in the long run.

Here’s how to change the wiper blades on your car.

When Should You Change Your Wipers?

Windshield wiper blades work by whisking away the water with the rubber blade. If when it rains you aren’t able to see even with the blades on, they are probably bad.

The wipers will streak the rain across the windows instead of creating a clean window. This means that the rubber on the wipers are probably cracked and have hardened.

Measure Your Wiper Blades

The first thing that you’ll need to do to change your wipers is to measure the length of your rubber wiper blades by using a tape measure or a ruler.

Make sure to take the time to measure both of your windshield wipers and write down the exact measurements of each blade. It’s common for some makes and models to use different lengths of wiper blades on the left and right sides.

Your local automotive parts store will have a range of different sizes available for purchase.

Take Off the Old Wipers

Start by lifting up the first blade until it is upright and can comfortably stay that way. It’s important to do this carefully because there’s a chance that the blade can snap back and hit you or cause damage to the windshield if it isn’t in the correct position.

You’ll want to keep a firm grip on the wiper at all times to make sure it doesn’t snap towards your windshield. One way to prevent any possible future damage to your windshield during installation if it doesn’t happen to snap would be to cover the glass in a thick towel.

The next step is to take off the existing wiper. You’ll need to locate the area where the rubber wiper and the arm meet, then press on the piece that’s hooking into the wiper. This will release the hook and free the wiper from the arm.

You should then be able to easily twist and take off the old wiper.

Putting On the New Wipers

Take your new windshield wiper and gently slide it into the spot where the old wiper was. The arm will hook into the same position as well.

After everything is properly secured, you can then move the wiper back into its original spot against the windshield.

This will complete the installation for the first windshield wiper. Now you’ll need to complete these steps all over again on the other side.

Keep Your Car Running Efficiently

Knowing how to maintain your car by replacing your wiper blades will help your car run as efficiently as possible for a long time. Not to mention, you’ll appreciate the extra money in your wallet from not having to outsource the maintenance.

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