What Signs to Look For When You’ve Got Bad Wheel Alignment

wheel alignment

Do you suspect your wheel alignment in your car is off?

Not having your wheels properly aligned could make it unsafe for you to be on the road. Also, it could cause your car to have more mechanical issues in the long run.

Read on to learn how to spot signs of improper alignment.

Tires Wear Out Unevenly

It’s not unusual for tires to wear out. If you rotate your tires regularly, there shouldn’t be a problem with overwear.

However, when your tires wear out unevenly, it’s a common sign you have bad wheel alignment.

If your vehicle is not properly aligned, it will cause parts of your tires to touch the ground more than they should.

If you suspect your vehicle’s alignment is off, you should get down and inspect your tires.

Watch the shoulder of your tires for signs of wear that seem unusual. Compare the worn out shoulder to the rest of the tire.

You should keep a close watch on this in order to prevent excessive wear that could ruin your tires.

The Car Moves Over to One Side

Having your car steering to one side is another clear sign you have a wheel alignment issue.

If you’re driving straight on a long stretch of road and the car steers more to one side for no reason, it means the tires are wearing out unevenly.

You can perform this test yourself next time you drive straight on a road without much traffic.

Simply keep your hands on the steering wheel but loosen the pressure. If the car pulls more to one side, it means the alignment is off.

You Feel the Tires Vibrate

When you hold your steering wheel, there shouldn’t be any strange vibrations. However, if your alignment is off, you should get the alignment checked out.

It’s normal for steering wheels to vibrate a bit when you run over a pothole or an uneven piece of road, but if it does constantly it might be time to get it checked out.

You should take your car to get checked out by a professional mechanic as soon as possible.

The Steering Wheel Feels Out of Place

Not only will a bad alignment mess with the wheels of your car, but it could also mess with your steering wheel.

Think about it, the steering wheel should be sitting straight at a comfortable distance for you to grab it and drive.

Unless the road is extremely bumpy, your steering wheel should not feel sloppy. However, when your alignment is off, so will your steering wheel.

Pay attention to the steering. If the steering wheel seems off centered by a few degrees, get the alignment checked out.

Wheel Alignment Is Important

Having proper wheel alignment will ensure your car can drive safe and there will be no other complications.

Pay attention to the signs we discussed in order to get the alignment in your car fixed.

If you want to figure out ways to learn more about car repairs, check out our resources and guides.