3 Sure Signs Your Car Needs a Tune-Up

Signs Your Car Needs a Tune-Up

Many Americans rely on their car for daily use. It’s the thing that gets them to work, carries their groceries, and takes them to their vacation destination. The longer you drive a particular car, the more attached you often become.

Because of this, you want to ensure your vehicle has as long a lifespan as possible. To secure that long life cycle, every driver needs to get their automobile a regular tune-up.

Over time, you’ll likely notice several signs your car needs a tune-up. When you see these, you should take your automobile to the shop ASAP. We’ll walk you through three critical tune-up signs in the guide below.

1. Warning Lights Show You Need a Tune-Up

If you’re wondering, “Does my car need a tune-up?” checking your warning lights is an excellent place to start. When the icons on your automobile’s dashboard light up, it’s always because something is verifiably wrong with the engine. 

Unfortunately, many car owners think the problem isn’t that serious. Usually, what they mean by this is, “It’s not serious enough to spend the money fixing it.”

In the beginning, this may be true. However, the issue only becomes more serious the longer you leave it unattended. Remember, it’s much less expensive to fix problems that “aren’t that serious” than those that could cause lasting damage.

Ignoring these lights can lead to long-term consequences and harmful outcomes. Avoid those risks and take your vehicle in for a tune-up.

2. Does Your Car Make Strange Noises?

Every vehicle makes a certain amount of noise when you turn it on. Some drivers relish the sound of a gunning engine, while others prefer a quieter sound.

Whichever type you are, you’ve probably gotten used to the noises your car makes when you start the engine. When you hear a new sound that disrupts the usual symphony, it’s usually a problem.

If you encounter any unusual sound in your vehicle, it’s best to take it in for a tune-up. Unless you have mechanical experience, it’s often difficult to ascertain the causes of these noises. Leave this problem to a professional service!

3. How’s Your Gas Mileage?

When you purchase a new vehicle, it comes with established gas mileage. Over time, you come to expect you’ll get so many miles out of a gallon of gas.

If you notice you’re running out of fuel faster than usual, you may need a tune-up. Why get a tune-up for gas mileage, you ask?

When your vehicle loses fuel efficiency, there’s often a problem in the engine causing it. In most cases, this problem comes from spark plugs or fuel injection. A skilled professional can spot the issue and promptly fix it.

Get a Tune-Up Today

If your automobile suffers from any of the problems in this guide, consider getting a tune-up. Doing so helps ensure your car can last much longer. This longer life cycle saves you significant time and money in the long run.

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