5 Signs You Need a New Exhaust

New Exhaust

Have you noticed your engine produces a lot of noise lately when you are driving? Do you feel like your vehicle’s performance has been below par in recent times? If you are familiar with either situation then you might need a new exhaust.

Common car problems such as exhaust leaks make your engine work extra hard. This causes your engine to consume more gas without any increment in performance. Leaks also put you and your passengers at risk of inhaling dangerous fumes.

Here are 5 signs that you should install a new exhaust system.

1. Burning Scent From the Engine Bay

It’s common for the gasket starts leaking near the engine’s wiring when the gasket fails. When this happens, heat from the exhaust fumes starts burning the surrounding plastic parts. These parts release an odor that smells like an engine that is burning.

Sometimes the burning is so intense that these parts begin to produce smoke. Such situations are very dangerous as they can trigger an explosion. You should contact Delta Automotive for an exhaust upgrade as soon as you notice any burning smell.

2. The Smell of Gas

Gas smell arises when the exhaust pipe or any of its tubes starts to leak because of damage. This makes it possible for the fumes from the gasoline to escape through any available opening. You’ll begin to smell gas as it escapes from the cabin of your car.

3. Reduction in the Car’s Power and Acceleration Capabilities

Exhaust problems have a direct impact on your vehicle’s performance. You’ll have trouble accelerating well or as fast as before because exhaust issues have an adverse effect on the engine. You won’t enjoy the same power that you were used to even if you manage to accelerate.

Performance issues will worsen over time and continue to limit you. So it’s prudent for an exhaust replacement immediately you begin experiencing this sign.

4. Gas Inefficiencies

Your car will try to work at the same performance level when it’s in the initial stages of experiencing exhaust problems. This means that it has to use more gas to maintain the same acceleration and power performance levels. You’ll start to spend more on gas as a result.

5. A Noisy Engine

The exhaust system has a silencer that limits noise production by the engine. This part is so delicate that slight damage will lead to a noticeable increase in noise production. The kind of noise that the engine indicates which specific part has issues.

Damage to the catalytic converter produces a rattling sound. If it is a tapping or hissing sound then the problem could be a faulty manifold gasket.

Don’t try to repair the fault by yourself in any of the scenarios. You might end up causing more damage. Contact an expert for secure and efficient services.

Signs You Need a New Exhaust

It’s a bad idea to wait for your exhaust system to malfunction completely before you replace it. This will only lead to additional problems such as extending the damage to your engine. Looking out for clues that need a new exhaust to it easier to replace the system on time.

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