Rock Down to Electric Avenue: 5 Tips for Electric Car Repairs

Electric Car Repairs

One of the perks of having an electric vehicle (EV) is that they only have a few parts, so they need less maintenance than a regular car. You can just charge and go. Conventional cars have hundreds of moving parts that can and often do need repairs.

But sometimes things can still go wrong with an electric model. Whether you already have an EV or you’re thinking about buying one, what do you need to know about electric car repairs?

In this guide, you’ll find some tips and best practices to help you repair an electric car and get it back on the road.

Five Tips for Electric Car Repairs

What parts might you need to repair? The most common cause of electric car malfunctions is the wiring system. You might also need to fix the air filters, change the brake fluid or replace the battery.

Here are five tips for maintaining and repairing an electric car:

1. Disable the Electrical System

Wait 5-10 minutes after turning off the vehicle to start working on it. Test some of the components to make sure the voltage level is zero. Disabling the electrical system will isolate the battery from the current so that you can work safely without the danger of electrocution.

2. Avoid Fast Charging Your Car Too Often

Fast chargers are useful when you need to get on the move right away, like the Superchargers for rapid Tesla charging. But they can cause the battery to overheat and using them too often can reduce the life of the battery over time.

Plan ahead to charge the car at home or allow enough time to use an electric vehicle charging station. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

3. Adjust the Wheels

You may need to rebalance the wheels if you feel the car pulling to one side or shaking excessively, especially at high speeds. Aligning the angle of the wheels to the manufacturers’ specifications can solve the problem.

You should also rotate the tires at regular intervals. The weight of the battery tends to wear down the tread faster, so the tires on an electric car need to be replaced more often than on a conventional vehicle.

4. Change the Brake Fluid

The brakes on an electric car last longer than on a conventional car because they have a regenerative braking system. But you still need to check them regularly and replace the brake fluid to prevent the brake system from corroding.

If, after replacing the fluid, you still notice an issue, you should take your vehicle to an electric car service center.

5. Find a Specialist Mechanic

If the car has a problem you can’t easily fix yourself, you’ll want to find an electric car mechanic that understands the intricacies of your model. The approach to Tesla repairs is different from repairing an electric Nissan, Ford, or Chevrolet.

If your car is still under warranty, your best option is likely to take it back to the dealership for repairs.

Efficient Electric Car Repair

The EV revolution is only beginning. EV sales rose by 4% in the US in 2020, while overall auto sales fell by 15%. All the major automakers are bringing out new models with advanced features. Even if you do have to make minor fixes, electric cars can cost less to maintain and repair over the long run.

And if you do need help, check out our car repair resources.