Attention Fast Drivers: How to Get a Speeding Ticket Dismissed

Speed Ticket Dismissed

You just needed to arrive for that appointment on time. Maybe you were running a little later than usual. Or perhaps you just weren’t paying attention to the speed limit.

Whatever the reason, when you see the flashing lights behind you and hear the siren telling you to stop, the result is the same. Your reasons for speeding do not matter. You still get a ticket.

And now you have higher insurance rates and a blemish on your driving record. Don’t worry, though. There are ways to scrub that speeding ticket from your record. 

Keep reading to learn how to get a speeding ticket dismissed. 

How to Get a Speeding Ticket Dismissed

No matter what sad story you may share with the police officer who pulls you over, the officer will not dismiss your violation on the side of the road. Speeding ticket dismissal starts when you show up to court. 

Show Up

First and foremost, do not ignore the ticket. You need to care for it in a couple of ways. 

First, you could just pay the fine. However, that will not result in ticket dismissal. You will still have a point on your driving record and a reason for your insurance to go up. 

You can also contest the ticket by showing up to court and defending yourself. When you show up for the court date on the ticket, you can request a court trial. At the trial, you can request that the police officer who issued the ticket be present along with any pertinent witnesses. 

Defend Yourself

Some defenses work better than others when you have a court trial. Here’s how to get a judge to dismiss a speeding ticket. 

If the officer fails to show up for court, the judge has no option other than to dismiss your case. You will not have to pay the fine, and you will not have the point on your driving record. 

Also, if you can prove the officer had faulty equipment, the judge will throw the case out of court. This is a tricky defense since you’ll have to prove that you were going under the speed limit even when the officer’s RADAR gun said otherwise. Begin this defense by asking if the officer used a tuning fork when calibrating their radar gun.  

Examine your ticket carefully. If the officer made a mistake on the ticket, the judge may dismiss the ticket. 

On the other hand, be aware that sad stories, ignorance of the law, and going with the traffic flow will not pass as reasons a speeding ticket can be dismissed. 

Attend Traffic School

You may wonder, does defensive driving dismiss a speeding ticket? In some cases, it may. If you have taken an official defensive driving course, you will reap defensive driving benefits that could lead to ticket dismissal. 

If you’re given the option of attending traffic school to dismiss the ticket, you could see further benefits in the future. You will know how to handle your car in all situations. Furthermore, if an officer attempts to give you a ticket for your driving habits when you’re just driving defensively, you can mention that you’ve attended a defensive driving class. 

Ticket Dismissal Made Simple

You should now understand how to get a speeding ticket dismissed. Be assertive by showing up and defending yourself. Then do not be afraid to attend a defensive driving course. 

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