5 Innovative Ways to Customize Your Car’s Interior

Customize Your Car's Interior

Almost every vehicle brand has seen year over year drop-offs in 2020 on the sales front. That reality is telling of the fact that for most, buying a new car has been on the back-burner and saving has taken priority.

Whether you chose to pick up a new vehicle in 2020, 2021, or have been clinging to your old one, you still have the opportunity to take your vehicle to the next level by investing in your car interior.

A car’s interior sports all sorts of potential in that just about every inch of it can be upgraded with aftermarket parts. Not sure where to pour your aftermarket interior upgrade money into?

Keep reading to take in 5 suggestions, all of which we think will give you the most bang for your buck.

1. Throw in a Custom Dashboard

This car interior upgrade is a big one and will require some special manufacturing, as you can see here. For some though, having a dashboard in their used vehicle torn out and replaced with one that’s 100% custom is the most rewarding vehicle modification they can pursue.

Custom dashboards might feature premium materials, unique compartments, and much more. All of that value, however, comes at a price as this vehicle mod is the most expensive one we’ll suggest to you in this post.

2. Upgrade Your Pedals

Those plastic pedals that your car comes with feel nothing like premium metal pedals. Believe us when we say that you have to try both to see the difference.

Pedal upgrades can be picked up at just about any car interior aftermarket shop. Most pedals also work for a variety of vehicle types so while it’s helpful to keep your car’s make and model in mind when shopping, you’ll have a lot of flexibility in your options.

3. Light Up Your Interior

LED lighting is one of our favorite car interior upgrades for the simple reason that you can do just about anything with it. You can illuminate your car’s floor, you can switch out the lights already in your car for different colored ones, we’ve even seen people integrate LEDs into their car’s ceilings so they can light up with star patterns when the vehicle is stopped.

Not only are the possibilities endless when it comes to LEDs are also ultra-affordable making this a great entry-level mod.

4. Pick a Signature Scent

Not all interior car design choices need to be seen to be felt. For example, picking a signature scent for your vehicle is a quick way that you can boost people’s experience whenever they’re sitting in your cab.

Several car scents, many of which smell lovely, can be bought from your vehicle manufacturer or aftermarket sellers online.

5. Scoop Up Some Premium Floor Mats

While perhaps not the most immediately striking of interior car ideas, floor mats are always a good modification to invest in because they protect your car’s carpets and can have a real visual impact on your cab.

We recommend going with prime colored mats that match your car’s exterior, so long as that color isn’t white. You’ll also want to get mats that are weather-proofed.

An Impactful Car Interior Upgrade Is Just a Few Dollars Away

As we hope our list illustrated, impactful car interior upgrades don’t have to break the bank. Whether it’s a light change or the addition of a signature scent, with a little creativity you can make your car shine!

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