Are Maintenance-Free Batteries Better? 6 Reasons You Should Invest in One Today

Maintenance-Free Batteries

No matter what kind of car you have, they all run on electric energy. Sure, you may need fuel to run it, but also you need energy to operate it. This is why automotive batteries are important.

Batteries help start your car, provide lighting, and offer provisionary power to the starter motor. However, the average battery in your car may not be the most optimal for your car. It may even prove to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of choosing a maintenance-free battery for your vehicle. You may end up switching after this. 

1. Reduces the Likelihood of Overheating

If there is one problem with the average battery it is that it has the tendency to overheat, which is never good for many reasons. Batteries may overheat the most in hot weather

This is a factor that can be hard to control. The good thing about maintenance-free batteries is that they were developed with this issue in mind. Manufacturers designed these batteries to end overheating issues. 

There is a reduction in both excess pressure and heat that builds up during the ventilation stage. Maintainance-free batteries also have rapid cooldown separators that help ensure it remains at optimal temperatures. With that, your battery not only won’t overheat, but you will also notice better performance. 

2. Cars Startup Quicker

The one bad thing many of us could agree with standard batteries is how poor it performs in colder weather. The minute the temperature drops and starts to get cold you have to start up your car and allow it to warm up before driving it. 

You experience real lah and may even harm your engine if you dare drive while it remains cold — especially when you rev it. When you have to go to important places or time-sensitive events, such as work or school, this becomes inconvenient and you may not make it on time. 

However, if you opt for a maintenance-free battery, this is one issue you can take off the list. Maintainance-free batteries have superior cranking power and a massive reserve capacity so you can start up and go. 

3. Eliminate the Problem With Spills

Another factor you want to consider when getting a quality car battery is knowing if it has the capacity to end issues with spills. If you refill your vehicle with distilled water, you’re going to need to open the battery. When you are not careful, you risk the chance of worrying about potential spills. 

These spills can be far from harmless and can be damaging. The sulfuric acid most standard batteries contain pose of risk of irritating your skin. It may even eat away at it if you spill a good amount on you.

You also ruin the clothes you wear too if you do not wear any protective gearing. In the least, this is one issue you can check off when you own a maintenance-free battery. Spills will not be a problem. 

4. Lower the Chances of Overcharging

Overcharging your regular battery will do more harm than good. In fact, you run the risk of killing it altogether. The reason behind the destruction is that the liquids within the battery begin to get so hot it boils. 

The excess heat you get from overheating will start to melt the battery and that would be the end of its life. A maintenance-free car battery, on the other hand, has lower chances of overcharging since it contains lead and calcium terminals.  These two types of charges are what allow the oxygen recombination cycle to take place. 

5. It Resists Corrosion

Standard car batteries rely on some water. Although the water is helping in keeping it functional, there is a flipside to it. The one bad thing about putting water in the battery is that there is a chance you may fill it beyond what you should. 

The outcome is that the battery may start to leak acid that can damage your battery and result in corrosion. Of course, this is something no car owner wants because it can and will impede battery and car performance. 

Knowing the right water ratio to add can be difficult and a hassle. In the event you do make a mistake, you must spend extra time and effort eliminating the corrosion. However, you do not have to worry about this problem when you do water refills with maintenance-free batteries.

These batteries are a sealed system and it is unlikely that you will develop any acid leaking from them. This chance is just as unlikely to happen since they contain corrosion-resistant grids within them.

Another good thing is that the calcium in the battery alone helps make it resistant to corrosion. You will not have to worry about dealing with your car breaking down due to corrosion nor will you have to spend additional time doing the cleanup.

6. It Will Last Much Longer

 Compared to the standard battery, the average maintenance-free battery lifespan will last you longer. This is because these types of batteries use the oxygen recombination cycle. Basically, this means you will experience little water loss. 

The circumference of the battery is completely sealed except for a small hole that the battery utilizes as ventilation. The lack of water loss is the main reason maintenance-free batteries keep going and make it worth the price. 

Another benefit it has over regular batteries is that it’s slow self-charging. Because of the slower charge, you will be happy to know you will not need to replace maintenance-free batteries as you would the traditional ones. 

Opting for a Maintenance-Free Battery

When you get a maintenance-free battery, you have fewer issues with corrosion, spills, overheating, and overcharging. Your car will also startup quicker and the battery itself lasts longer. 

If you want to get a battery that is easier to upkeep and keeps your car in top condition, a maintenance-free battery is something to consider. 

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