Pay Up: Who’s In Charge of the Cost to Fix a Car After An Accident

Man Checking Car Engine

No one goes on the road expecting to get involved in a car crash. There’s a lot at stake if it happens. The potential of injury and fatality is real as well as the fees involved in the aftermath.

Surviving a car crash is a blessing, but they cost the country $16 billion each year. Who pays for these fees when you need to fix a car or replace it? There’s no straight answer due to varied situations. If you want a better idea of what to expect for particular situations, keep reading.

Who Pays for the Car Accident?

The first thing on your mind after a car accident is often who is going to be the person responsible to pay for car damage? Will it be your insurer or the person who caused the accident. If this case does occur, the person at fault must pay for all costs through their insurance

There still are exceptions to this. If that driver doesn’t have enough coverage on their policy to pay for everything, they will have to pay out-of-pocket. You are more likely to go to court to decide on a settlement.

In some situations, each person’s car insurance provider will pay for the repair. When an accident is caused by negligence by both parties. If you caused the car crash, then it is you who must pay for the cost. Your car insurance premium goes up about 50% for 3-7 years afterward.

Determining Who’s at Fault

No one wants to pay the cost for vehicle damage or personal injury, but someone has to take the brunt of the blow. This is determined by finding out who is the person at fault and proving it.

If there are no eyewitnesses or proof that another person caused the car accident, their insurer will reject any claims. Car insurance providers will ask you to describe what happened and send in pictures of the vehicle. They will also follow-up with an inspection to come up with a proper estimate. There is an alternative to bring it into a mechanic.

Whether you experience a car accident or motorcycle accident, you may have to hire an attorney to prove the other party is responsible. You may also do the same if you’re not happy with the final numbers and wish to start a dispute. You can do this whether you believe you are owed more money or if you believe the money you must pay is too much when you are at fault.

Resolving Legal Matters When You Need to Fix a Car

Car accidents rarely leave parties involved without injury. You are most likely to experience some level of damage to yourself or vehicle and require car repair. Car crashes cost thousands when you need to fix a car so you shouldn’t attempt to resolve matters on your own without getting professional help.

You may pay for more than you need if you do so. Sometimes this means getting a lawyer involved on top of your insurance provider.

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