What You Need to Know Before Joining a Motorcycle Club


Around 126 million U.S households have a motorcycle, proof that many of us have a need for speed.

Bikers are best in a club where they can meet life-long friends, cruise against a stunning backdrop, and refuel with plenty of coffee.

If you’re eager to join a motorcycle club but aren’t sure where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

Benefits of Joining a Motorcycle Club 

“Why join a motorcycle club?” You ask.

In fact, there are many benefits to joining a motorcycle club. Apart from a passion for bikes, the major reason many members join is that you’re part of a family with like-minded people. 

In most clubs, every member’s voice matters as affairs are voted on and it’s safe to discuss ideas or raise concerns. 

Motorcycle clubs improve your discipline as they have rules to follow. Members must follow these guidelines so the club stays organized and maintains its priorities. 

Plus, joining a motorcycle club improves your riding as members will you navigate new techniques and give you tips.

How to Join a Motorcycle Club 

We’ve covered the benefits of joining a motorcycle club so it’s important to discuss how to start. Motorcycle clubs have different rules that are nothing like applying for a job or joining a yoga class.

Consider these, for example:  

Identify Clubs that Disregard the Law 

Before you learn how to join a motorcycle club, it’s important to find one best suited to you. First, clubs that aren’t affiliated to the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) are known as outlawed or one-percenter clubs although this doesn’t mean they’re criminal gangs.

You can spot a one-percenter by the 1% patch they don on their jackets. To join a law-abiding one, you must be 18 years, male, and ride a cruiser style bike of 65+cc which doesn’t have to be a Harley Davidson.  

Most importantly, you must be loyal to your community and connect with likeminded members.

The Waiting Time to Become a Member 

It’s important to note it can take years to earn your patch and become a member. Certain clubs let you hang around events or possibly ride alongside them but you can’t vote or state your opinion about serious club matters. 

From a hang-around, you can become a prospect or probate. When you reach probation, you can ride with the club, attend meetings, and attend activities. Once you reach this stage, the full-patched members will vote to determine whether you can officially join.

Many Clubs are Male-Dominated 

You may wonder “can a woman join a motorcycle club?” which is understandable because most members of AMA clubs are men. 

There are even three-piece patch bike clubs that don’t let women join although they can hang with them. But it’s possible to find motorcycle clubs created by women for female riders.

There’s No Application Process

There’s no website or application process. Instead, you must find a current member and ask them how to get accepted. Then you must prove your commitment and self-discipline to members of the motorcycle club.

There are other requirements that aren’t the same in all clubs and are highly secretive, only members know them. Keep hustling and hope that you get their vote.

Follow the Golden Rule 

Every motorcycle club follows a golden rule which is if you respect others, you’ll be respected in return. Although there may be different interpretations or methods to enforce the rule, respect is the most important aspect of any club. 

Members believe that it’s easy to respect others once you’ve proved you’re deeply committed to the club and you have self-discipline.

Know the Difference Between an MR and RC 

The fundamental difference between a motorcycle club (MR) and riding club (RC) is the commitment by the members.

Riding clubs are casual meet-ups where different types of riders cruise together with little strings attached. In contrast, a motorcycle club ensures members are deeply committed to the club like a family and have a large amount of self-discipline.

Every Club Has Their Own Rules 

Motorcycle clubs have different rules even during the recruitment process so it’s easier to join some clubs compared to others. 

Some clubs approve you quickly and you can begin the road runs. Others, as stated, have an entire process where you’re voted in.

A great way to tell about a club is by checking the patch on their rider’s jacket. The top rocker displays the club’s name, then there’s the club’s symbol, and the bottom shows where the club’s form, and the name of the chapter.

Know the Hierarchy in the Club

Like many organizations, motorcycle clubs follow a particular hierarchy. The president is at the top and leads the executive committee and the MC CEO. 

But, it’s important to note, the president doesn’t make decisions in his own interests. The club have elected him to keep everything in order and do what’s best for the motorcycle club. 

There’s a secretary to keep club records and the treasurer monitors the motorcycle club funds. Plus, there’s a sergeant-at-arms who ensures that members are following the rules. Lastly, there’s a road caption that plans the club’s road runs, routes, and stop points.

That’s How to Join a Motorcycle Club 

Now you know how to join a motorcycle club. 

You must find a current member and ask how to join, prove your commitment, and work hard to earn their trust. Once you’re in, you’ve got a family to ride with and who will have your back. Good luck!

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