Construction Vehicles 101: How to Use a Forklift for the First Time


Looks like you finally got that forklift you needed. Congrats! Now, you can take on the tasks that you need to handle.

Time to go complete that job you’ve been holding off doing for so long… except you have no idea how to use a forklift.

Here’s the thing. Forklifts are not vehicles that are used very often; in fact, you’ll hardly ever see them outside of factories, in warehouses, and on construction projects. Due to this, most people simply don’t know what it takes to drive one.

Before you get in the driver’s seat, you need to know exactly what it is you’re getting yourself into. This article will go over some of the forklift basics so you can know all about using a forklift before you go to work. Keep reading to learn more about it!

When Learning How to Use a Forklift, Directional Controls Are a Must

One of the very first things you need to know about a forklift is the directional controls. After all, if you can’t switch the transmission, how are you supposed to drive in the first place?

We’re used to pretty much all vehicle controls working like the transmission in a car. You have your “P” for Park, your “D” for Drive, and your “R” for Reverse. However, the directional controls for a forklift are a bit different.

Instead of the traditional lettering, forklifts only have three positions: forward, neutral, and reverse. These directional controls tend to be found by the steering column or are operated by foot.

Always Use Your Horn

The forklift horn isn’t used for when you’re mad at Gary for swerving in your lane. You need it to warn others and potentially save lives, so start learning the importance of horn safety.

Forklift drivers need to honk their horn every time they go around corners, approaching blind spots, and going through doorways. You’re operating a big machine, and it helps to let people know where you are before you get where you’re going.

Learn About Your Inching Pedal

When you need to make minute movements, the inching pedal is what you use to do it. It allows the driver to carefully move around while placing lifting power into the forks.

The whole purpose of a forklift is that it has forks to lift heavy objects, so it goes without saying that you need to learn this feature carefully. When you get good enough at it, you can even use this feature to move around in tight corridors and spaces.

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