This Is How to Keep a Black Car Clean and Free From Scratches

Black Car

Did you know black cars are statistically 12% more likely to get in accidents than light-colored cars? It’s true, and considering this fact it’s important to take steps to prevent your black car from getting scratched. Thankfully, there are a few simple things you can do to┬ákeep your car clean.

Keep reading for a full guide on how to keep a black car clean and scratch-free.

Invest in Paint Protection Film

The most effective thing you can do to keep your car scratch-free is invest in paint protection film.

Paint protection film covers your entire car almost like a screen protector. It’s transparent, so it still shows off the true color and shine of your car. What’s more, it’s also effective in protecting your car from minor dents and dings.

Professionally installed paint protection film will be invisible to the naked eye. If you’re ready to protect your black car, find out more about protective film here.

Wash Your Car Regularly

Dust and dirt cling to black cars like nothing else. What’s worse, dirt and grime can create scratches over time!

It’s important to learn how to wash a black car, and to wash the car frequently. If you drive down dirt-roads often, weekly washings may even be necessary. You can wash your car at home with a hose or pressure washer, or visit a car wash professional for the best results.

Never wipe dust or dirt from your car with a dry cloth. A dry cloth can scratch your car and create swirls. When you see dirt on your car, resist the urge to wipe it off until you can properly soak and wash it.

You should also strive to use high-quality washing and drying products. Invest in a microfiber wash mitt and a couple sponges. Use two buckets each time you wash your car — one for clean water, and one to squeeze dirty water into.

Top your clean off with a nice wax and your black car is ready to fight scratches.

Park Carefully

You don’t just have to worry about scratches when driving.

Scratches and dirt can easily happen to an ill-parked car. If you park too near to other cars, you run the risk of scratches from the other car’s door. You can also get scratches from other people sliding past your car, or accidentally hitting your car with their purse or clothing.

Avoid parking near shopping cart returns, in busy parking lots, and under trees. The emptier the spot, the better off your car is.

Learning How to Keep a Black Car Clean

Learning how to keep a black car clean is simple. All it takes is a good amount of care and regular washings. Follow the easy tips above to keep car scratches at bay, and constantly have a beautiful black car to show off.

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