How Soon After an Accident Should I See a Doctor?

person with back pain

If you’ve been in an accident, one of the many questions that’ll swirl around in your mind is, “Should I see a doctor?” The answer is a resounding yes. Crashing into something at a speed faster than a walking pace can pose a slew of problems – some seen, some unseen.

After the rubble of the wreck has cleared and you’ve regained your composure, go and visit your doctor. Barring the obvious need for an ER, a visit to your local doctor will help you decide if those minor aches and pains will grow into major concerns.

72 Hours

Let’s get right to it. Your window of opportunity for health and financial protection expires after three days. In truth, this is a generous window. If you’re in serious pain, why would you delay things beyond a day? Prompt medical attention allows you to step out in front of any aches and pains, and prevent them from snowballing into larger issues.

Insurance Companies

Beyond the obvious health-related need for a doctor, this 72-hour window also helps you with matters pertaining to insurance and attorneys. If you weren’t at fault in the accident and plan to pursue an insurance payout, you’re going to have to prove you weren’t at fault.

Some of that will come from the police report; some will come from witnesses. But, the manner in which you received your injuries (and the extent to which you were injured) will also play a part in your ability to be compensated.

Even the best accident doctors in the Bronx will tell you expediency is key. Some insurance companies go so far as to include an approximate 72-hour window into their software programs. It becomes a determining factor when insurance adjusters decide whether you have a worthy claim.


If you know you’re within your rights to pursue compensation (but feel your insurance company isn’t doing enough), then your next phone call needs to be to an accident attorney.

You can rest assured that one of the first bits of evidence they’re going to ask for is medical records. They may even tell you to go see a doctor, even if it’s outside the 72-hour mark. Medical records are integral to winning your case and a well-prepared client helps attorneys achieve maximum success.

Should I See a Doctor? Yes.

As you can see, the plaguing question of, “Should I see a doctor?” is, indeed, a resounding yes. Injuries can remain unseen and, if left untreated, go on to create a slew of health-related problems. Beyond that, if you’re entitled to any sort of compensation, you’ll have to prove it and nothing says it better than a medical report.

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