7 Tips: How to Improve Your Vehicle Sound System and Experience

vehicle sound system

Unless you have a brand new car, odds are your vehicle sound system isn’t thumping the way it used to. Whatever the style of music you enjoy, an improvement in the way of your sound system will make your ride more enjoyable.

We’re going to explore a few ways that you can improve or get the most out of your current car stereo.

Key Ways to Improve Your Vehicle Sound System

The level of skill required to pull these improvements off yourself will depend on the make and model of your vehicle. If you find that you’re at a loss on how to make the changes, you can consider working with a company like Genius Audio.

It may be wise to explore a little more about Genius Audio to see what options are available to you. Let’s take a look at some of the options that you can consider immediately.

1. Adjust Your Current EQ

If your car audio sounds too terrible to listen to at all, there may be some things you can do immediately. Stock stereos usually provide users with the option to adjust bass, treble, and balance.

Simply turning down the bass or adjusting the levels in your car can make the immediate sound manageable.

2. Change Out Speakers

Your next course of action should be to swap out the existing speakers of your car. Short of exploring our next steps, this will be the most direct way to see improvements in sound quality.

You can typically find speakers for cheap, and installation is possible on your own. That said, paying someone to put in the speakers isn’t too expensive.

3. Lower the Compression of Your Files

If you’re playing music off of your phone or device, you can improve the quality of the files by lowering the compression level.

This simply makes the music sound better by keeping low and high-frequency information, thereby improving the quality of the sound through any speaker.

4.  Install an Amp

Adding a new amplifier to your system can improve the crispness of your sound quality. Additionally, amplifiers can add significant power and volume to the experience.

Good speakers can be bogged down by a low-quality amp.

5. Make Sure to Monitor Gain

Many people use their new amplifiers and stereo decks incorrectly. One common point of confusion is that gain is roughly equivalent to volume.

While turning up gain does make the volume higher, it distorts the sound quality if used too heavily. Make sure that your gain isn’t causing the sound to be too grainy.

6. Add a Subwoofer

If your issue is that the sound isn’t maximizing on the low-end, you should consider getting a subwoofer.

Blues, Hip Hop, R&B, and Rock often have a lot of sound coming from the low-end, and poor speakers can harm the experience of those kinds of music. Adding a subwoofer can significantly improve the quality of your lew-end.

7. Get a New Head Deck

It could be the case that your head deck is not sophisticated or modern enough to control the various levels of your system.

The deck is essentially the control panel of your audio system. There are a lot of pretty cool features on different units, too, so be sure to explore all of your options!

Have More Car Troubles?

If the vehicle sound system isn’t the only thing that needs help, don’t worry. We’re here to help you with any car issues you may be experiencing.

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