6 Signs Your Car Needs a Tune Up

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According to research, cars manufactured in 2006 experience the most problems at 77,811 reported issues. These problems can range anywhere from engine troubles to seatbelt difficulties.

Without a properly functioning vehicle, you could experience a fatal accident. Imagine getting into a crash without the seatbelt working to protect you or your loved ones.

Learn these six signs your car needs a tune-up.

That way, you can take your car in before a small problem poses a life-threatening issue.

1. Warning Lights Flash

When those little indicator lights on your dashboard light up, it’s probably for a reason.

Each of these lights indicates a different problem area or component in your car. The moment you see one of these lights flash, it’s time to take your car in.

These warning lights are some of the first signs you need a tune-up. Instead of ignoring them, get ahead of the problem by taking your car in for a diagnostic.

2. Stalls

Other signs your car needs a tune-up are if it stalls at an intersection or when you accelerate.

These issues could put you at risk for danger on the road. After all, your engine is designed for reliability. Make sure it doesn’t fail when you’re merging on the highway by taking it in for a checkup.

3. Hard Stops

You kind of need your car to start when it tells you to. Here’s how to tell if your car needs a tune-up:

  • It won’t start
  • It takes multiple turns of your key for the car to start
  • Your car starts but won’t remain running

If you’re noticing these issues, schedule that appointment.

4. Poor Fuel Mileage

Most of us know how often we need to fill the tank. You can use this table to get an estimate for your own car.

If you notice you’re filling the tank more often, it could be a sign your car needs some attention. The problem might be inadequate tire pressure or a sticking brake pad.

Either way, consider these signs that your car needs a tune-up the next time your fuel mileage increases.

5. Unfamiliar Noises

Noisy brakes could indicate an issue with the brake pad, brake fluid, or rotors.

If it’s not your brakes, low power steering fluid or a loose/torn belt might also cause unexplained sounds.

6. Sluggish Acceleration

You need that speed when you’re merging, avoiding unattentive drivers, or heading up a hill. If you notice an issue accelerating, take your car in for a tune-up to determine the cause.

Check Under the Hood: 6 Signs Your Car Needs a Tune Up

Keep an eye out for these six signs your car needs a tune-up. That way, you can take your car in for a fix before the problem accelerates (pun intended).

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