How to Choose the Best Floor Jack to Work on Your Car

floor jack under car

You go to the store to buy a hydraulic jack. However, it’s too expensive. Instead, you buy a scissor lift for your truck.

At heart, you know you should invest in the hydraulic option. To change your two front tires, you lift up one end of your car using the jack.

You think everything is level, but the jack gives way. You stare in horror as your car rests on the hard pavement with a missing tire. 

This catastrophe could happen to anyone, especially with a sub-standard jacking system. The scary part is that you could have been under the car if you needed to change your oil.

That’s why you need the best floor jack to avoid accidents. To go with the safest option, choose a hydraulic floor jack. Scissor jacks are less stable. They also cannot support as much weight as the hydraulic variety. 

Here you can learn how to find the best jack for your vehicle. Keep reading if you want to find the safest jack possible.

What Type of Jack Do You Need?

Hydraulics are easier to use than scissor jacks. For instance, a scissor jack might take a few minutes to lift a vehicle. But the hydraulic alternative can do the same in seconds. Moreover, a hydraulic floor jack has wheels that allow flexible mobility. 

Further, hydraulic jacks have a wider base than scissor jacks. If you’re dealing with heavy equipment, a 5 ton floor jack is the best solution. The 5-ton variety can lift:

  • Fleet trucks
  • Buses 
  • Commercial vehicles 
  • Farm equipment

To replace brakes, for example, you can apply the 5-ton jack to uphold any heavy-duty vehicle with ease. 

With that, one disadvantage of hydraulics is that they are bulkier than scissor lifts. Certain hydraulic jacks weigh over 50 pounds.

Also, hydraulic jacks contain hydraulic fluid that’s prone to leaking. The hydraulic products also require frequent maintenance in comparison to scissor jacks. 

Narrowing Down the Best Floor Jack

There are two types of hydraulic car jacks: bottle jacks and floor jacks. The prime difference is that the floor jack is horizontal. Floor jacks comprise a base where the user motions a lever to lift the arm.

A bottle jack comes in the shape of a bottle and has a bolt at the top that props up the vehicle. These jacks are also compact enough to fit in a trunk. 

The best floor jack will depend on the type of car you have. 

  • Example: Use a floor jack if your car has a low clearance level. 

Additionally, you should use a floor jack if you’re looking for a quicker jack overall. 

However, bottle jacks have smaller lifters that insert into tight spaces and crevices. Bottle lifters are also an excellent choice for vehicles with higher ground clearance. 

And the Winner is…

The floor jack is the best alternative to scissor and bottle jacks. The wide base provides enough balance to prevent accidents. With that, bottle and scissor jacks are cheaper and versatile. 

You need the best floor jack to do any kind of work under your vehicle. To learn more about changing your oil and other car duties, visit our site today to learn more.