Prepare for Anything: Why Roadside Assistance Plans Are Worth the Money

Car Receiving Roadside Assistance

Did you know that the majority of cars are likely to breakdown as you’re driving?

This is because cars that are older than 10 years are 4 times as likely to break down when compared to their newer counterparts. Unless you’re driving a brand new car, you face a pretty high risk of your car breaking down at one point or another.

Even if you do own a newer car, you never know what will happen on the road.

This is why roadside assistance plans are a must if you drive regularly. 

Why are roadside assistance plans a must? Keep reading to learn more about what your plan will cover and why you need it.

Why You Need Roadside Assistance Plans

We’ve all been there. Stuck in the middle of the road with a flat tire, and no idea how to change it!

Or, maybe you left your headlights on the night before and now your battery is dead. We’ve all had our own car problems, which is okay. This is why you need roadside assistance, though.

So, what does roadside assistance cover?


If you’re driving along the highway and you get in an accident or have a problem that makes your car immobile, you’re going to need to be towed.

The great thing about having a roadside assistance plan is that they’ll take you wherever you need to go. They’ll take you to the nearest mechanic so you can get your car fixed right away. Or, they’ll take you home if it’s after hours.

Whatever your towing needs are, roadside assistance plans allow you to get help, all while being covered under the fee you pay for the service.


It’s such a silly, yet common mistake.

You stepped out of your car and pressed the lock button on the door, only to realize your keys are in the car! Locking your keys in the car can be such an inconvenience. 

Luckily, with a roadside assistance plan, locking keys in the car is covered. A worker will come and unlock the car for you, all in around an hour or less. You don’t have to call your parents or a friend to embarrassingly ask them for help!

If you don’t have a roadside assistance plan yet, a locksmith is a great option as well. Check out Chief Locksmith if you’re locked out of your car or home!

Fuel Delivery

Too many of us have pushed and pushed our cars as the gaslight blinks at us, begging for us to stop.

Maybe you’re running late, or maybe you think you think you can push it to the next exit without getting gas. Whatever your reasons for running out of gas are, your roadside assistance plan will happily offer you a gas delivery. 

This way you can get to the next gas station safely and fill your tank!

Choose Your Plan Today

If you’re a driver, you’ll benefit so much from roadside assistance plans. In the long run, they’ll save you time, money, and headaches. 

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