Dude, There’s Ants in My Car! A Guide on How to Bust an Ant Infestation

Picture of an Ant

Have you ever gotten into your car and thought, “Why are there ants in my car?” If you are having this problem and don’t know what to do, keep reading for a helpful guide on how to stop the ant infestation in your car. 

1. Relocate Your Car

If you have ants in your car then it might be because you have accidentally parked on an anthill or near some plants that are infested with ants. If you are able to, park your car somewhere else, but keep in mind that ants leave a chemical trail that will tell the rest of the ant colony where the food source is located. 

If you have to continue parking within range of the ants’ colony, or satellite colonies, then you may have to do more than just moving your car. Place ant traps underneath the seats of your car to capture the ants already in your car and deter others from staying.

If possible, use a pesticide to treat your parking area including any anthills in the grass, bushes or trees. 

2. Clean Out Your Vehicle

One of the more common reasons why you might get some ants in car is from leaving crumbs, food or drinks inside. Start by throwing out any empty food containers, wrappers or cups. 

Next, vacuum the interior upholstery and floorboards, making sure to get into the cracks and crevices in the seats and carpets. Using a non-abrasive cleaner, wipe down the hard surfaces inside the car, such as cup holders and door handles to remove any food you might not be able to see.  

3. Wash the Exterior

Once you have given the interior of your car a good vacuum and wipe down, you should give have the exterior cleaned by either a professional or take it to a self-serve car wash. 

Clean the undercarriage of your vehicle, inside the wheel wells and underneath the hood around the engine. These are all common places where the ants like to hide and also will help eliminate the chemical trail left by the ants. 

The car tires will need special attention since these are the point of contact between the ground and your car. For extra protection, after you have hosed them down, spray a pesticide on your wheels but avoid getting the spray on your brake pads. This will help kill off any ants hiding in the wheels and keep more from making their way into your vehicle. 

Learn More About How to Keep From Asking Yourself “Why Are Ants in My Car?” Today!

Hopefully, this helpful guide will keep you from asking yourself “why are ants in my car?” The best way to avoid the problem is to watch where you park and keep your vehicle clean. If you have had an infestation, there is a possibility that the ants will come back, so make sure you treat your car and parking area periodically. 

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