How to Tint Windows: Getting the Best Tint Job on Your Car

man with window tint and car

You know that tinting your car windows will protect the interior from UV rays, not to mention make your car look stylish. Yet, paying hundreds of dollars to get the work done is not in your budget.

Save money by doing it yourself!

DIY window tinting is easier than you might think. All it takes is the right tools and a step-by-step process.

To help take your car to the next level, let’s look at how to tint windows yourself.

Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin, having everything at your fingertips will make the window tint installation go quickly and smoothly.

Have the window tint material, making sure it falls within the window tint rules for your area. You’ll also need soap and water, a small squeegee, a spray bottle, a heat gun, an application solution, a lint-free rag, and a flat edge razor.

It’s also best to work in a dust-free area that’s away from excessive temperatures and humidity.

Prep the Windows

It’s very important that your windows be squeaky clean. Leaving any dirt or debris on the windows will make the tint look bumpy.

Use the soap and water to clean your windows, repeating several times. The lint-free cloth will ensure no particles get left behind. (Never use glass cleaner with ammonia, it will turn your tint purple.)

Finally, spray the windows again with soapy water and scrape away any grime and debris with the razor blade. Dry with the lint-free cloth and squeegee.

Install the Tint

When learning how to tint windows, now comes the big moment. It’s time to install the tint!

First, spray the outside of the window with the application solution. Then roll the tint over the window, making sure the liner is facing out (you’re not adhering it yet!). The application solution will keep the window slippery enough for you to maneuver the film.

Spray the tint once more with soapy water then use your knife to cut your film precisely. Use the squeegee to keep the film smooth and bubble-free.

Once you finish the cuts, now spray the inside of the window with soapy water. Peel the adhesive back off of the film and spray the tint with more soapy water.

Move the tint to the inside of the window, adhering from top to the bottom. The soapy water will let you maneuver the tint around for the perfect fit. Use the squeegee to remove excess water and air bubbles, pushing towards the edges.

Use a heat gun to warm the area and make one more pass over the tint with your squeegee.


Once the window tint gets installed, give it time to set. Refrain from rolling your windows down for at least 3 days after installation.

The tint should come with cleaning care instructions from the manufacturer. Be sure to follow each step to ensure your tint doesn’t discolor and looks good for a long, long time.

Give Your Car a New Look by Learning How to Tint Windows

Give your car the style and protection it deserves. By learning how to tint windows yourself, you will save money and take on a whole new level of pride for your car.

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