5 Great Benefits of Window Tinting Your Car

truck with tinted windows

The US automotive tinting market is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. That might not come as a surprise given that America boasts the second-largest car market in the world.

Despite America’s massive car demand, since window tinting isn’t a requirement, why does the service remain so popular among manufacturers and consumers?

There are a lot of answers to that question, all of which we intend to answer via our benefits of window tinting list below.

1. Better Fuel Economy

Window tinting can significantly cut down the amount of sun exposure that your car’s cabin is subjected to. That reduced sun explore means a cooler cabin which means less abusing your air conditioner during warm months.

With your AC running on low, your gas tank will stay topped up for longer.

2. Cabin Preservation

Long-term exposure to the sun will damage your car’s interior no matter which finishes your vehicle features. By tinting your windows, less sunlight will come into contact with your seats, dashboard and other cabin elements, preserving your car’s resale value.

This benefit is particularly helpful to car owners that splurge on expensive, all-leather interiors since sunlight can dry and fade leather particularly fast.

3. Skin and Eye protection

About 90% of the most common forms of skin cancer are tied to over-exposure to the sun. If you have a long commute and find yourself getting tanned or burned during your drive, you’re at a very high risk of developing serious skin problems in the future.

Window tinting will cut down on your sunlight exposure which may save your life someday. Add that benefit to reduced sunlight in your eyes and you can appreciate why the benefits of window tinting are meaningful to health enthusiasts.

4. Glass Safety

When you’re in a car accident, car windshields are designed to shatter which prevents large pieces of glass from piercing passengers. While shattered glass is safer than fractured glass, it can still cause serious damage to your body.

Window tinting can hold your shattered glass in place with its adhesive surface which will prevent it from spilling onto you and your passengers.

5. Cabin Privacy

Perhaps the most well known among the many benefits of window tinting is glass privacy. The darker the window tint percentages allowed by your state, the less that people will be able to see into your vehicle.

This can keep your valuables safe when your car is parked and your reputation alive as you’re belting out songs while you’re listening to the radio.

Considering All of the Benefits of Window Tinting, How Can You Say No?

The benefits of window tinting touch on privacy, health and money. We’re willing to bet that at least one of those three things matters to you.

If we’re right in our assumption, get your windows tinted today. You won’t regret the investment.

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