Breaking up Is Hard to Do: 5 Smart Reasons to Sell Your Car

person handing key to driver

When is it time to sell your car? There are many answers to that question.

People typically sell their cars when they’re about to buy a new one or when they need the money. However, they often get much less than what they expected and end up having to spend more money to get a new one.

While selling your car can seem like its something you’d never do, there are many practical reasons to do so. You’ll be able to save more money in the long run and be able to connect more with what’s around you.

Read on to learn when to sell your car without having regrets.

1. You Pay Too Much for Insurance

Many people don’t think about insurance when they buy a car because they’re in the heat of the moment. However, insurance costs can often end up costing more than the car itself.

Depending on your driving history, you might end up having to pay more for insurance if you’ve gotten into accidents or legal trouble. Things like DUI convictions will increase your insurance rate even if you haven’t had an accident.

Your insurance can also vary depending on the vehicle that you drive. More expensive vehicles generally have higher rates because their parts cost more to replace. Vehicles that are commonly stolen will also be more expensive to insure.

2. Gas Seems to Quickly Disappear

Gas prices are something that many people complain about because of their fluctuating rates. However, you can prevent spending a lot on gas by buying a vehicle that’s optimal for your area.

Some cars perform better on the highway whereas others are better in city environments. If you live in a large city and have a vehicle that’s quickly running out of gas, consider selling it to save on the costs.

Larger vehicles will generally use more gas, so try to avoid them if you don’t need extra space or power. You’ll notice that you’re spending less on gas when you sell a large van or truck and buy a small sedan.

3. You’ve Gotten Into an Accident

If you don’t have the greatest insurance coverage, the best time to sell a car is when you get into an accident. Most insurance companies are harsh when it comes to covering damages, so selling your vehicle would let you get a lump sum of money to buy another one.

Many people buy cars that have been in accidents because they can be used for their parts. For example, a car that’s been hit from behind still has valuable parts underneath its hood.

4. Your City Has Other Ways to Commute

One of the benefits of living in a large city is having various ways to get around. For many people, owning a car in a city becomes a money pit because they have to deal with paying for gas, insurance, and maintenance fees.

If you have the option to get around by public transportation, you should make a listing for your car. Things like bicycles and skateboards give you ways to get around quicker than walking, and you’ll also get healthier.

5. You Hardly Use the Vehicle

Owning a vehicle that just sits around means that you’re missing out on a lot of money. Not only have you paid for the vehicle, but it’s also losing value as time goes on. Because cars are depreciating assets, you’ll want to get rid of it when you stop using it.

Depending on where you store the vehicle, it could develop problems over time. Things like rain and hail can affect the appearance of it, and not using it can cause the fluids to go bad.

If you’re in a temporary period where you’re not using it, you don’t need to sell it. However, you should get rid of it if you’re only driving once every month or two because insurance costs will start adding up.

Things to Avoid When Selling a Car

Many people try to sell cars and expect to get much more than they received.  When you’ve decided that you’d like to go through with selling your car, be sure to avoid these common mistakes.

Not Knowing Its Worth

When people aren’t sure when to sell a used car, they typically overestimate how much the car is worth. This causes them to receive few offers, and they’ll get the hopes up. Know your car’s value so you can get a fair deal while not being let down.

Not Negotiating

Negotiation is a key part of business. Without negotiating, you’ll get a deal that gives you less money than what you deserve. Start by listing your car a bit higher than what its value is. This will encourage people to make lower offers, allowing you to negotiate up to a reasonable price.

Use This Advice to Know When to Sell Your Car

Rather than holding onto a car that is draining your money, use the advice in this article to know when to sell your car. You’ll be able to cash in on extra money, and you’ll save yourself from spending your savings just to keep a car around.

If you’re spending too much on things like insurance and gas, look for another vehicle that will require less upkeep. You can also try to find other ways to get around town so you don’t feel like you need a vehicle.

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