Learn Car Repair with Automotive Engine Videos

Quad 4 Dual Overhead Cam Engine

This engine video puts together a 4 cylinder motor right in front of your very eyes. And then shows you just how it works in full motion.

I knew it was just a matter of time until I found a great video of how automotive engines work. The kind of video I was looking for was one that was short and descriptive.

This is exactly what I’ve found. This video starts with an engine block, rotating in a 360 degree view. The four banger is then assembled right before your eyes. And after the motor is completely assembled they fire it up.

The sound track is just a bit annoying, but the video shows you just how all of these components work together to drive the wheels of your car. Whether your engine is a V6, V8 or just like the four cylinder pictured in this short clip the principles of an internal combustion are the same.

I really like these virtual reality type auto repair videos. However, the film moves quickly and some details are hard to catch. Below I discuss some of the basic things about the engine block and cylinder head. For more information about other important need to know power plant theories and testing procedures, Please visit my repair module about automotive engines.

What is an Engine Block

The cylinder block is a large casting of metal that is drilled with holes to allow for the passage of lubricants and coolant through the block.

it also provides space for the complex movement of mechanical parts. The engine block contains the cylinders, which are round passageways fitted with pistons.

The block holds the major mechanical parts of the engine. The cylinder head fits on top of the cylinder block to close off and seal the top of the cylinders. This combustion chamber is an area into which the air fuel mixture is compressed, ignited and burned. This turns into power that drives the wheels. 

What is a Cylinder Head

Engine Cylinder Head

The cylinder head also contains ports through which the air fuel mixture enters and the burnt gases exit the cylinder.

Valve trains are a series of parts used to open and close the intake and exhaust ports. The head is important to fuel economy and power.

The more flow in and out of the cylinder allows for more horsepower power generation and fuel efficiency. An engine valve is a movable part that opens and closes these ports. A camshaft controls the movement of these valves.

Valve springs are used to help close the valves and seal the combustion chamber. Modern engines are highly engineered power plants. These engines are designed to meet the performance and fuel efficiency demands of the automotive public.

Modern four cycle engines are made of lightweight engine castings and non-iron materials such as aluminum, magnesium and fiber reinforced plastics. Aluminum is by far the most popular material that is used by engine manufacturers.

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