Choosing Online Car Repair Manuals

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If you are looking for online car repair manuals you are faced with several choices. Not only are there many to choose from, but they are from respected brand names.

This makes choosing the right one for your specific car repair needs challenging. I have been turning wrenches for 30 years professionally. I have used most of these programs at one time or another.

The one I use now is Mitchell repair manuals. Note that I am also an affiliate. You can find out more about this relationship on the material connection disclosure page. The truck repair shop I work for has also experimented with different online car repair manuals.

They decided to go with the Mitchell on Demand program. So you would think I'm biased in my decision to recommend this product, but give me a chance to back it up by answering some frequently asked questions and showing you how it works.

Car Repair Frequently Asked Questions

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The first question I get most often is will the program be hard to use and how much time will it take me to figure it out. This is a great question, and also what separates the Mitchell online manual from the other brands.

There is a learning curve with any of these Diy auto repair products. They have a help section that does a good job of explaining how to use their product. They also have a help desk where you can submit specific questions and trouble tickets.

Another impressive part about their auto repair manual is the search feature that is available on every page. This literally allows you to search through the entire manual for your specific vehicle just as you would on the Internet.

Other brands use this to but it often disappoints. I provide auto repair videos on my YouTube Channel that will show you how to use the search feature. This is the best way to dig out the auto repair diagrams, troubleshooting charts and wiring schematics that you may be looking for.

Cost of the Online Repair Manuals

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People often ask if this is a good value. The basic one-year subscription costs around $26. You can get a one-month subscription for even less. Some people argue that they would rather purchase a manual and have it for life.

This is a good point, but let's not compare apples to oranges. The one-year subscription is to the factory repair manual. If you where to order this type of automobile repair information from a dealership it would cost about $200.

If you purchase the paper version it wouldn't be updated with new information or include technical service bulletins. The Mitchell program provides a Tech tips section and online updates so you get the latest auto repair information.

The one-year subscription also allows you to control renewals. It will not auto renew. If you sell the vehicle then you can just let your subscription lapse. Even if you keep the vehicle six years your subscription costs would be less than the professional paper manual.

What if the Service Manuals don't work?

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They do not advertise a return policy. I think the reason is some people would print out the information needed to fix a car problem then ask for a refund.

In a few isolated cases I have heard of people requesting a refund and it being granted through the customer service department. I believe that if the vehicle you subscribe too doesn't have the DIY auto repair information that you're looking for that you should be able to submit for a refund.

I cannot guarantee in any way that you would get your money back. However, if you fill out a help desk ticket I can guarantee you that your request would be considered and may be granted if your reasons are good enough.

Note that Transmission and body repairs are not included with most vehicles. Although technical service bulletins are included to cover known problems with these systems.

I do have another video that shows more tips and tricks for using this online auto repair manual program. This next link will take you to more information about car repair manuals online.

If you need more information about what is covered on this automobile repair website. The homepage will give you a brief rundown. This next link takes you there from this page about online car repair manuals.