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This Website offers auto repair advice and things you need to fix cars at home. My name is Mark, I'm a Professional Certified Master Technician with 27 years of hands on experience in the business.

I'm here to help you learn more about automobile systems, so you can fix them yourself or apply what you learned when talking to a service center. offers a mechanics toolbox filled with automotive resources including DIY online service and repair information from ALLDATAdiy.

Some of the best service manuals are not made from trees anymore. Internet-based automobile diagnostic programs can be far superior when updated with the latest diagrams and technical bulletins. The upper left button "Auto Repair Manuals" takes you to detailed information and video.

Watch the clip and learn how to fix cars with the same factory information dealership mechanics use but with a unique DIY twist. Discover why these vehicle specific programs are so popular with driveway mechanics on a budget. Do yourself a favor and at least see what it looks like before you buy a paper manual.

What's Online Auto Repair All About

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Another advantage that the Internet brings to your front door is the ability to get top quality deeply discounted automotive tools and equipment. I am not talking about 3/8 Drive ratchet sets and Ball Peen Hammers.

These are special tools for individual car repairs that can be a necessity, or just a convenience when it comes to fixing it right the first time. Sometimes the right tool can prevent car repair disasters. Use the "Tools Auto Repair" button to see specialized equipment. Another important area of this website to visit is the News section. The articles review common car problems and provide information from factory issued technical bulletins provided by the online service manuals mentioned.

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The articles include both foreign and domestic vehicles and cover things like automotive electrical diagnosis repair, auto suspension and steering, vehicle braking systems, engine repair, engine performance and advanced diagnosis tips.

Service engine soon light diagnosis and repair is such a large and troublesome automotive problem, I have provided a section for this topic also. Take a look at the "Check Engine Light" tab for TSB's and car repair advice to help you troubleshoot some common failures. Bookmark this auto repair advice website. Share with a friend having car problems. You'll find updates about twice a week if not more on the Blog.

Get Auto Repair Advice Online Right Now!

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When all fails and you need direct auto repair advice for specific problems you're covered for this as well. Here you have access to submit questions to professional car mechanics.

These technicians specialize in either your vehicle or your type of automobile problem. They will guide you through the repairs and get you back on the road. Use the "Help" button (top left) to find out more about the Just Answer service. Or enter your car repair question in the box below.

What Car Repair Websites Can do for You

Find out if you can fix cars in your own driveway with the online tools available today. It's possible to achieve better results while saving money and gaining a new skill. If you fix your own vehicle you can assure that only the work that is needed will be performed with no service up-sells.

Fixing cars at home brings many rewards besides saving money. Knowledge is power and power is freedom. Not only can you put some distance between you and the automotive repair industry but you can also help friends and neighbors do the same. Try using the Custom Search box to locate helpful articles.

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