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Being a Mechanic for 27 years has left me with a bad back but has provided lots of information to share. Browse through my personal insider tips, unique car repair advice and online automobile resources. I only talk about things that I have tested or used myself. Modern cars are hard to work on but the Web based tools available today can help reduce the pain.

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Even though cars are complicated today some repairs like replacing air filters and wiper blades are easier on modern automobiles then the old ones. With do it yourself auto repair increasing in popularity I hope you'll find this site an interesting resource worth sharing.

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The Cylinder Leakage Test Procedure on

A cylinder leakage test can tell you what is wrong with the car engine. Car mechanic shows you how it is done and what the results indicate.

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Auto Repair Safety for DIY car repairs on

See why auto repair safety has no quitting time. Veteran mechanic talks about focusing on safely performing do it yourself car repairs.

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Automotive Electrical Terms Explained at

Understanding automotive electrical terms makes diagnosis easier. Master mechanic defines voltage, amps and ohms to aid in auto electrical system repair.

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Learn about Front End Car Steering Parts at

Car steering parts are often up sold at auto repair shops during an alignment special. Learn how to determine when front end car parts need replacement.

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How the Four Stroke Engine Works on

Four stroke engine operation explained. Auto repair mechanic explains each individual stroke and how the internal combustion engine powers your vehicle.

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How to Fix Rough Engine Idle Problems at

Learn to diagnose rough engine idle on any automobile. Mechanic shows you the engine diagnostic testing needed to pinpoint the cars problem.

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Automotive Multimeter Golden Rules on

Multimeter reviews from DIY car mechanics. How to use auto meters to fix cars. Stop replacing non-returnable electrical parts that are good.

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ASE Study Guides and Automotive Test Preparation Material

Newly released ASE study guides provide the best shot at passing tests the first time. Find preparation manuals with the latest information available.

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Tire Pressure Warning System Issues on

The tire pressure warning system can cause vehicle owners some headaches. Learn how inflation monitoring systems work and the common problems they cause.

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Find Answers to Transmission Noises at

Transmission noise is not always a sign that major repairs are needed. Review some common problems that can cause manual transmission noises.

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Wheel Alignment Facts from

See why wheel alignments are often misunderstood. Learn why it's so hard to get a good alignment. Little trick for getting the best service.

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Guide to Checking Brake Rotors on

See how checking brake rotors can help solve common car brake problems such as noise and pulsation. Also see a video about new brake rotors.

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Chrysler Serpentine Belt Problem Solved on

The Chrysler serpentine belt keeps falling off on popular V6 models. Mechanic shows you the engine belt solution kit that fixes it for good.

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How to Diagnose Clutch Problems Yourself at

Review clutch problem diagnosis procedures for common issues. See how long slipping clutches can last and find a DIY clutch kit for your car.

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Bad Air-Conditioning Noises Explained at

Learn about air-conditioning noises both normal and abnormal. Mechanic helps you determine if that unusual AC noise requires further diagnosis.

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