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Being a Mechanic for 27 years has left me with a bad back but has provided lots of information to share. Browse through my personal insider tips, unique car repair advice and online automobile resources. I only talk about things that I have tested or used myself. Modern cars are hard to work on but the Web based tools available today can help reduce the pain.

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Even though cars are complicated today some repairs like replacing air filters and wiper blades are easier on modern automobiles then the old ones. With do it yourself auto repair increasing in popularity I hope you'll find this site an interesting resource worth sharing.

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Wheel Alignment Facts from

See why wheel alignments are often misunderstood. Learn why it's so hard to get a good alignment. Little trick for getting the best service.

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Guide to Checking Brake Rotors on

See how checking brake rotors can help solve common car brake problems such as noise and pulsation. Also see a video about new brake rotors.

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Chrysler Serpentine Belt Problem Solved on

The Chrysler serpentine belt keeps falling off on popular V6 models. Mechanic shows you the engine belt solution kit that fixes it for good.

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How to Diagnose Clutch Problems Yourself at

Review clutch problem diagnosis procedures for common issues. See how long slipping clutches can last and find a DIY clutch kit for your car.

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Bad Air-Conditioning Noises Explained at

Learn about air-conditioning noises both normal and abnormal. Mechanic helps you determine if that unusual AC noise requires further diagnosis.

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Noise Diagnosis for Axle Shaft Bearings at

Rear wheel drive axle shaft bearings can create hard to find noise. See the leading cause of bearing failure and tips for axle noise diagnosis.

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Common Manual Transmission Problems on

Many manual transmission problems will get worse if not addressed. See some common problems and solutions for issues with standard transmissions.

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Testing Automotive Relays Simplified at

Three ways of testing automotive relays before you waste money on a replacement. See common car problems caused by bad relays and fix them.

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Driveshaft U-Joints Diagnosis and Repair -

What happens when good driveshaft u-joints go bad? Common symptoms and testing procedures to isolate bad universal joints on rear wheel drive vehicles.

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Laptop Automotive Scanner Reviewed by

See a new USB laptop automotive scanner screen shot and feature list. Ease of use and diagnostic capabilities reviewed by master car mechanic.

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Diagnose Automotive Steering Parts at

Some auto repair shops up sell automotive steering parts like idler arms and tie rods when changing oil. Learn how to check these parts yourself.

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See How Diesel Engines Work at

Modern diesel engines represent the future of automotive technology. Learn how these new high tech diesel engines compare to the 7.3 Liter power stroke.

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Wiring Diagrams for Diy Car Repairs at

Automotive wiring diagrams for specific vehicles. Plus a video that shows you how to use them for diagnosis and repair of electrical problems.

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Can You Fix Cars with a Fix Assist Scan Tool

Discover how fix assist or code connect equipped scan tools work. See if they can really help with repair of complex check engine light problems.

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Fix EGR Codes and Turn Off the Engine Light

EGR codes can cause poor idle, check engine light, engine hesitation and stalling. See a list of common EGR problems and symptoms for Diy mechanics.

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