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Being a Mechanic for 30 years has left me with a bad back, but has provided lots of information to share. Browse through my personal insider tips, unique car repair advice and online automobile resources. I only talk about things that I have tested or used myself. Modern cars are hard to work on but the Web based tools available today can help reduce the pain.

Even though cars are complicated today some repairs like replacing air filters and wiper blades are easier on modern automobiles then the old ones. With do it yourself auto repair increasing in popularity I hope you'll find this site an interesting resource worth sharing.

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Testing Automotive Relays Simplified at

Three ways of testing automotive relays before you waste money on a replacement. See common car problems caused by bad relays and fix them.

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Auto Repair News and Service Bulletins at

Auto repair news for do it yourself car mechanics and vehicle owners. Find auto repair articles from trade publications and service bulletins.

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Testing for Starters and Alternators on

Starters and alternators can fail leaving you stranded. Learn how they work so you can diagnose problems yourself and not get taken for a ride.

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Security Light and Starting Problems on GM Cars

Solve the security light issue on GM cars from 1997 through 2006. Find out what's causing the problem, how to bypass it and how to fix the problem for good.

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Testing Fuel Injectors Procedure from

Testing fuel injectors before cleaning or replacing them is a good Idea. See how injectors work and test the operation and balance of fuel flow.

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Driveshaft U-Joints Diagnosis and Repair at

What happens when good driveshaft u-joints go bad? Common symptoms and testing procedures to isolate bad universal joints on rear wheel drive vehicles.

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My Car Hit a Curb Now What Happens -

Just because a car hit a curb does not mean a wheel alignment is needed. See what to do after a curb hit to check the level of front end damage.

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See Bad Mass Airflow Sensor Symptoms on

Mass airflow sensor problems can turn on the check engine light. They can also cause a variety of other symptoms before the light is turned on.

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Ford ABS Light Problems Solved on You Fix

Review Ford abs light common problems. See how mechanics diagnose and repair common failures that can turn on the abs light on any vehicle.

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Auto Scanner Reviews for DIY Car Repair on

Auto scanner reviews from a mechanic that uses them. See pictures and feature comparisons of the least expensive and most popular scanners.

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How to Use a Digital Multimeter at

Learn how to use a digital multimeter for car repairs. Discover the key to selecting the right scale for specific tests. See how an auto ranging meter works.

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The Gas Cap Code and DIY Check Engine Light Car Repair

The gas cap code explained. Review nuisance trouble codes that turn on the check engine light and see a video showing the P0440 diagnostic chart.

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Diagnose Engine Misfire Codes at

Engine misfire codes can do damage if not repaired. Get help diagnosing any random misfire. See a common Nissan check engine light repair.

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How to Find Automotive Electrical Shorts on

Electrical shorts causing blown fuses are hard to find. See how to turn auto circuit breakers into short finder tools and how to use them.

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See Engine Noise Diagnosis Videos at

Get help with engine noise diagnosis and see how to use a mechanics stethoscope. See engine noise videos so you can hear the unique sounds.

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Auto Repair Help and DIY Resources from

Get more than auto repair advice and car repair manuals. Learn how to fix cars at home. Find special tools and auto repair service bulletins.

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