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Being a Mechanic for 30 years has left me with a bad back, but has provided lots of information to share. Browse through my personal insider tips, unique car repair advice and online automobile resources. I only talk about things that I have tested or used myself. Modern cars are hard to work on but the Web based tools available today can help reduce the pain.

Even though cars are complicated today some repairs like replacing air filters and wiper blades are easier on modern automobiles then the old ones. With do it yourself auto repair increasing in popularity I hope you'll find this site an interesting resource worth sharing.

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Security Light and Starting Problems on GM Cars

Solve the security light issue on GM cars from 1997 through 2007. Find out what's causing the problem, how to bypass it and how to fix the issue for good.

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Chevrolet Fuel Pump Failures Explained on

Chevrolet fuel pump failures on 1996 and up GM cars and trucks are common repeat problems. Mechanic shares a bulletin to help solve the issue.

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Learn about Automotive Wiring Diagrams on

Learn about automotive wiring and were to find wire diagrams for your vehicle. Find information on how to diagnose and repair auto electrical circuits.

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Solve Blower Motor Problems on GM Vehicles

Behold the four common blower motor and HVAC problems on older GM vehicles. Review symptoms, cause and correction for all of these common issues.

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Check Engine Lights and O2 Sensor Codes at

O2 sensor codes are often misdiagnosed and good oxygen sensors replaced. Master mechanic gives you an example where o2 codes lead to a cheap repair.

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Fixing Dodge Blower Motor Problems at

Review common problems with Dodge and Chrysler blower motors. Learn about repair kits that solve known issues with blower speed and operation.

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Check Engine Light Reset Procedures from

The check engine light reset procedure explained. Mechanic shows how to clear diagnostic codes and reset the light without using scan tools.

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How Electronic Transmission Controls Work at

Electronic transmission controls can simplify diagnosis of problems. See how the transmission control module can tell you what failed inside.

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Problems with Automotive Engine Valves on

Two common problems engine valves can cause are engine or valve tap and blue smoke from the tailpipe. See symptoms and solutions for both car problems.

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Can You Fix Cars with a Fix Assist Scan Tool

Discover how fix assist or code connect equipped scan tools work. See if they can help with repair of complex check engine light problems.

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How to Find Automotive Electrical Shorts on

Electrical shorts causing blown fuses are hard to find. See how to turn auto circuit breakers into short finder tools and how to use them.

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Solve Torque Converter Clutch Problems at

Torque converter clutch problems can cause stalling and bucking conditions on older GM vehicles. Get torque converter clutch repair kits.

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What is Wrong with my Car AC System

Find out what is wrong with your car AC system using pressure diagnosis. See a list of common AC problems and their typical pressure readings.

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Fix EGR Codes and Turn Off the Engine Light

EGR codes can cause poor idle, check engine light, engine hesitation and stalling. See a list of common EGR problems and symptoms for Diy mechanics.

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Cylinder Balance Test Procedure from You Fix

A cylinder balance test can get to the bottom of why your engine is running rough. Veteran mechanic explains the power balance engine testing procedure.

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Auto Scanner Reviews for DIY Car Repair on

Auto scanner reviews from a mechanic that uses them. See pictures and feature comparisons of the least expensive and most popular scanners.

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